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"The crew from Pool Assist and Pooltime provide pool maintenance services to a number of properties we manage.  I have found their fees are reasonable. The crew are flexible and easy to deal with. Combined their professional knowledgeable is excellent.  They are now one of our preferred suppliers.  I would... definitely recommend them”Read more

Niki – Property Manager, Pulse Property Group

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  • Our Top Lighting Tips for Your Pool

    Now that the warmer weather is here, it’s the perfect time to get your pool looking its best and new lighting is the perfect way to really show it off. Not only does the right lighting help on a practical level for evening dips, it can also make a huge difference to the look of the pool. As experts in pool accessories Perth, we’re here to share our lighting tips to help make your pool a real feature.   Consider safety Although aesthetics is undoubtedly important for your pool lighting, make sure you’re also thinking about lights from a safety […]
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  • How to Properly Maintain Your Pool Filter

    Now that we’re coming into summer, it’s understandable that you want your pool looking its sparkling best. When it comes to a pristine pool, your pool filter plays a big role by collecting up dirt and debris which is why you need to take the time to make sure your filter is working optimally. Today, let’s take a closer look at the different types of pool filters and how you can maintain each one properly.   Sand filters To get rid of the accumulated dirt and debris in your sand filter, you need to carry out backwashing which is a […]
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  • Top 4 Reasons Why a Pool Cover is a Smart Choice

    When it comes to pool accessories which make life easier when it comes to maintenance, a pool cover is a popular choice. From basic bubble covers to more high-tech options, pool covers have the ability to reduce the amount of time you spend looking after your pool. Let’s take a closer look at just some of the benefits a good quality pool cover can offer your pool. 1.Keeps the water warmer, longer One of the biggest reasons why people invest in a pool cover is that they extend your swimming season thanks to their ability to trap heat. Rather than […]
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  • Common Pool Pump Mistakes to Avoid

    Your pool pump is an essential piece of equipment and it needs to be looked after to ensure your pool runs efficiently. Unfortunately, the pool pump is often neglected which can lead to long term issues. As experts in pool pump repairs Perth, we’ve seen first-hand the mistakes people make when it comes to their pool pumps. Today, we’ll share the most common mistakes so you can avoid them in the future. Neglecting the basket It’s often the most basic aspects of maintenance that get overlooked when it comes to the pool and simply cleaning out the pump basket regularly […]
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  • Pool Pump Repairs

    Your pool pump is the hardest working piece of equipment in your pool. Without your pump doing its job, your pool would look uninviting very quickly – not to mention the health risks that come with the water not being appropriately circulated, filtered or sanitised. The importance that your pump plays in maintaining the health of the pool system means that any repairs need to be carried out quickly and efficiently. For pool pump repairs Perth, look no further than the professional team here at Pool Assist. Why isn’t my pool pump working? There could be a number of reasons […]
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  • Pool Service Perth

    Pool Assist provide a range of pool services throughout the Perth metro area and surrounds. From pool maintenance and cleaning to pool pump and equipment repairs, our experienced technicians know what it takes to keep your pool or spa looking pristine and running perfectly. We pride ourselves on our meticulous care and excellent customer service – give us a call today! Commercial and home pool maintenance Let’s be honest – maintaining your pool yourself can be hard work. So why not sit back and let the professionals at Pool Assist take care of it for you! We provide professional pool […]
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  • Mobile Pool Cleaners

    Everyone loves a beautiful, pristine pool. Not only does it look great but regular cleaning & maintenance also ensures that your pool is kept in optimal condition to avoid issues down the track. If you’re looking for experienced pool cleaners Perth, here at Pool Assist we provide professional mobile pool cleaning and maintenance services to keep your pool or spa looking its best and operating efficiently. Speak to us today about what you need! Let us do the dirty work Rather than having to spend your weekends battling with your pool in an attempt to keep the water balanced, appropriately […]
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  • What Type of Pool Service is Right for You?

    If you are a swimming pool owner, you will understand the importance of having the details of a local pool servicing companyon hand. How often you use your pool, and the time you have available will determine which type of pool service is right for you.There are a range of different options available, and the following tips will help you to decide what you need: Regular Pool Cleaning There is good reason why in the movies the rich and famous always have a “pool boy”. Cleaning a pool can be time consuming and physically exerting, and certainly not glamorous. If […]
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  • Pool Maintenance Tips

    Summer is just around the corner, and if you have neglected your swimming pool throughout the winter months it is now time to do something about it. Pool maintenance is best done regularly, as keeping on top of it could save you hours of hard work when you really just want to jump in and go for a swim. Remove any leaves and debris Basic pool maintenance should start with clearing any leaves or debris from the water. If you have a pool cover you are already ahead of the game. When you have children, the right style of pool […]
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  • Cartridge Filter Care

    Expert Advice On Cartridge Filter Care It is vital your filter cartridge is maintained correctly to maximize its life and usefulness. The life of a filter cartridge depends on how you treat it. Filter clogging is caused by soaps, cosmetics, perspiration, body fats, oils and fine particles of dust or dirt. Spa owners should really keep on top of their cartridge filter cleaning, as the hotter water will make the filter clog much faster than a pool cartridge. Do not scrub the Filter with a stiff brush or use a pressure cleaner. Rotating two cartridges will prolong the filters life […]
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