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NKD-R FRESH WATER SYSTEMS – A better alternative

Ancient Greeks found that water kept in silver containers mysteriously purifed, and algae didn’t grow in copper water pots. In the late 19th Century, water was passed through various porous materials impregnated with silver, creating positive ions and purifying it.  The NKD1 hybrid swimming pool system utilises a similar concept by releasing silver and copper ions into the water and with the addition of oxidation provides healthy, crystal clear fresh water.  

Product features :

  • The Ions in the water continue to disinfect even when the system is not running. 
  • The ions are not affected by heat or sun like typical chlorine or salt and mineral chlorinators so there is no need to add chemicals such as stabiliser to protect the water. 
  • The continuous effects of the minerals remaining in the water means you can run the system for half the time of traditional sanitisers. This amounts to big savings in power and ongoing running costs. 
  • TDS (total dissolved solids) are at extremely low levels providing crystal clear water. 
  • A well-balanced pool using ionisation rather than high levels of chlorine can be backwashed direct to your garden and is better for pool equipment and surrounds.
  • Designed and engineered by one of Australia’s leading manufacturers.
  • Easy to use, multi-function digital display.
  • Precise touch pad and time clock control.
  • Flexible timer control works perfectly with variable speed pumps.
  • Smart self-cleaning technology.
  • Variable OXI and ION control.
  • Backwash and winter mode functions.
  • Suitable for concrete, fbreglass, vinyl and tiled pools 


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