Salt Chlorinator Systems

With the traditional chlorine-based pool, the constant measurement of chemicals can be a frustrating process; especially figuring out how to keep your pool area clean and safe. Imagine a pool maintenance system that takes care of this tedious task for you, leaving you with more time to enjoy your crystal-clear oasis. Salt chlorinator systems can help revolutionise how you maintain your pools.

Salt chlorinator systems have become the preferred choice for pool owners around the world, offering a hassle-free solution to pool water sanitation.

Why Do You Need A Salt Chlorinator System?

At its core, a salt chlorine generator is a smart and efficient way to keep your pool water sanitised and safe for swimming. Instead of manually adding chlorine, these systems utilise salt cells, an electrolytic cell, and a control unit to produce chlorine on-site from a small amount of dissolved salt in the pool water. When combined with the right sensors, your salt chlorinator system can continuously maintain the appropriate chlorine levels, ensuring your pool water remains crystal clear and free from harmful bacteria and algae

Our Salt Chlorinator Systems

At Pool Assist, we have a range of saltwater chlorinator systems from top brands in the industry, including:

Our team of skilled technicians is here to assist you in selecting the ideal brand and model for your pool, tailored to your requirements and budget. Additionally, we offer expertise in enhancing your current pool management setup by integrating advanced technology, ensuring seamless navigation and improved functionality.

The Benefits of Salt Chlorinator Systems

Salt water chlorinators offer a myriad of advantages that make them a top choice for pool owners:

  • Ease of Maintenance: Say goodbye to frequent trips to the pool store for chlorine chemicals. With a salt chlorinator system, you'll enjoy hands-free maintenance, as the system generates chlorine as needed.
  • Cost-Effective: While there is an initial investment in purchasing and installing a salt chlorinator system, it can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for chemical purchases.
  • Gentle on Skin and Eyes: Saltwater pools are known for being gentler on the skin and eyes compared to traditionally chlorinated pools, making for a more comfortable swimming experience.
  • Consistent Chlorine Levels: With the right sensors, these systems can maintain a stable and consistent chlorine level, eliminating the need for guesswork and helping you monitor and adjust your water chemistry.

Installation and Maintenance

Beyond expert installation, our technicians offer continuous pool maintenance and inspections at a schedule convenient for you, ensuring your pool remains operational. Through regular equipment servicing, repairs and maintenance, we address potential problems proactively, minimising stress associated with pool ownership and allowing you to simply relish your pool experience.

Choose Pool Assist

Upgrade your pool experience with Pool Assist's advanced salt chlorinator systems! Discover the simplicity of managing your pool effortlessly. We provide top-tier brands and our expertise in pool equipment installation and maintenance ensures a seamless and efficient pool ownership experience.  For a faster processing time, fill out our forms or chat with us through our live chat with your enquiries and we’ll help you to learn more about our salt chlorinator systems. 

For a firsthand demonstration, come in-store where we can showcase the system in action! We'll help take the frustration out of pool ownership and let you get back to spending time relaxing poolside.