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Our Rates

Call Out Fee
$150.00 (covers 1st hour) + chemicals & parts
Ad-Hoc Pool Service
$150.00 (covers 1st hour) + chemicals & parts
Regular Pool Service
From $125.00 (we offer a range of bespoke services to suit most pools & circumstances)
Pool Handover / Instruction
$175.00 (covers 45 minute of tuition and instructions only)
Equipment Installation
From $169.00 (will vary depending on the equipment and complexity of the site)
Green Pool Treatment
Further details are required for an estimate to be provided

Service Notes

  • We require all new customers to complete a payment authorisation process. A deposit may be required before any work is undertaken.
  • Our service charges cover up to the first hour. Extra time will attract further charges.
  • Chemicals you have on hand may be used before supplying additional products. Any such chemicals must be of an acceptable standard.
  • Please notify us of access issues using the fields in the form provided.
  • We also need to know if there are any dangerous animals on the property.
  • Ensure the water level in your pool is maintained at approximately halfway up the skimmer box opening. An inadequate water level that prevents us from conducting the service may result in charges, even if we are unable to complete the service.

Equipment Repairs

Quoting repairs sometimes requires your equipment to be disassembled for an accurate assessment. If you decide not to proceed with repairs, your equipment will not be reassembled.

Please note – Not proceeding with our recommendation to repair or replace your equipment will incur a quote fee between $65.00 - $95.00. You may also incur the following fees if applicable, our call out fee ($150.00) and a courier fee ($35.00). The call out fee is charged if we have attended your property to remove your equipment and the courier fee is charged if we send your equipment to a third-party repairer.

All repairs we perform have a three-month warranty on labour and parts repaired or replaced.
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