Commercial Pool Maintenance

Whether you run a swim school or a series of pools or help maintain an apartment pool, keeping your commercial pool at its best is essential for the enjoyment and safety of its users. Held to a different regulation standard to a residential pool, commercial pools can be more complex and require more frequent maintenance checks to abide by regulation law and be allowed to operate. Regular pool maintenance, either done by an employee or an experienced technician like the ones at Pool Assist, can have your aquatic facilities abiding by regulations and extend the life of your pool equipment further.

At Pool Assist, we understand how daunting your commercial pool maintenance can seem, especially with several jobs needing your attention. Our team of experienced technicians can take the hassle out of the job and keep your commercial pools working efficiently so that you can focus on other jobs. We aim to provide and maintain a clean pool environment with quality and reliability every time.

How Often Do You Need Commercial Pool Maintenance Services?

As an aquatic facility sees a variety of people daily, they are held to a different hygiene quality compared to that of a residential pool. This means that in order to abide by regulations and keep the facilities open, there need to be daily or weekly maintenance checks of the water’s chemistry and pool equipment and a record kept for future use. How frequently these checks need to be done will depend on a variety of factors: the size and type of body of water, the number of swimmers, and your surrounding environment. Within Western Australia, however, depending on the type of commercial pool, they can fall into different categories of ‘Aquatic Facilities’ so it is a good idea to check to get proper clarification.

At Pool Assist, we can offer regular commercial pool maintenance services on a schedule to allow you to focus on other jobs. We'll develop a maintenance schedule with you that is tailored specifically for your commercial facilities and their surroundings.

Commercial Pool Maintenance Services

Our Services

Regardless of if you run a swim school, a range of aquatic centres or just take care of your apartment complex swimming pool, we can offer you a variety of commercial pool services:

  • Regular pool maintenance and pool care
  • Inspection and maintenance of pool equipment, for proper filtration and getting the most life out of it.
  • Emergency repairs and replacements of broken or unusable pool equipment from our extensive range of pool pumps, and suction cleaners, to pool filters.
  • Pool heating installation, to ensure warm and inviting pool water for your swimmers, no matter the time of year.
  • Regular water treatment to keep your water chemistry balanced and safe.

Why Pool Assist?

When it comes to taking care of commercial facilities, especially during the peak summer season, it can be difficult and frustrating to give it your full attention. Whether that just means water testing or a series of more complicated commercial pool maintenance needs, Pool Assist can take over with scheduled visits to your commercial properties and have them perform to the highest level.

Have questions? Chat with us through our live chat today. For faster processing, fill out our service form and our skilled technicians will get your pool sparkling in no time.