Ioniser Systems

Ionisers, which work by releasing a mixture of copper and sometimes silver or zinc ions into the pool water, have become a secondary sanitiser complementary to traditional pool sanitisation systems and, in some instances, as an alternative. Unlike standard chlorinated pools, ionising systems can provide a gentler option for residential pools, functioning alongside the existing filtration system. 

These systems utilise a low-voltage current that passes through a set of metallic electrodes (typically copper, and occasionally silver or zinc), dispersing metal ions into the pool, reducing the need for chemicals.

Why You Need an Ioniser For Your Pool System

As a secondary sanitation system, an ioniser can help keep your existing pool clean, healthy, and clear. The ions released into the pool possess natural antibacterial and algal properties, effectively disrupting the growth of any harmful organisms in the water before they become a problem.

Pool ioniser systems are easy to use and require minimal maintenance, without the need for costly chemicals or more complex equipment. We do emphasise the importance of managing the pool pH as one key maintenance requirement.  

Installing a pool ioniser system ensures a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable swimming experience, with the reassurance that your pool water is free from harmful contaminants.

Our Brands of Ionisers

At Pool Assist, we stock a range of ionisers for a range of pool owners from the top brands in the industry:

Our team of expert pool technicians are available to help select the ideal sanitation method for your pool, based on your existing filtration system, requirements and budget. Around these factors, we can also assist in upgrading your existing pool management to integrate a more modern and user-friendly option.

Maintenance and Installation

At Pool Assist, our team of experienced pool technicians not only supply premium installation services but also provide regular pool maintenance for residential and commercial pool owners. 

With a regular equipment servicing schedule, our team can troubleshoot any potential issues before they turn into major costly problems. We can help take the stress out of being a pool owner allowing you to relax and enjoy.

Choose Pool Assist

Experience water quality that only one of Pool Assist’s pool ioniser systems can deliver. We stock a variety of brands and our expertise in everything from pool equipment installation to servicing will add a convenient twist to pool ownership. Say goodbye to the unpleasant side effects and hello to crystal-clear waters with our ioniser systems.

For faster processing, please fill out our form, or if you have any questions about ionisers or secondary pool sanitation systems in general, speak with our team through our live chat option. Interested in a live demonstration of our ioniser systems? Visit us in-store, and we can address any queries you may have. Choose Pool Assist for all your pool needs and let us take the hassle out of pool ownership.

Ioniser Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are pool ionisers safe?
Yes, pool ionisers are safe when used correctly. The ions used are non-toxic and can significantly reduce the amount of chlorine needed, which is beneficial for people with sensitivities to chemicals.

Q. Can an ioniser replace my existing pool sanitation system?
While ionisers can significantly reduce the need for chlorine, they do not completely replace the need for all pool chemicals. A low level of chlorine or another oxidiser may still be necessary to fully sanitise your pool and handle organic materials like sweat and oils.

Q. How much maintenance does an ioniser require?
Pool ionisers require minimal maintenance. Regular tasks include checking the ioniser electrodes for wear and ensuring the correct ion levels in the pool. It’s also important to monitor the pool’s pH levels, as incorrect pH can reduce the effectiveness of the ions.

Q. Can ionisers cause staining in the pool?
If not properly managed, the copper ions from an ioniser can cause staining on pool surfaces and fixtures. Regularly testing and balancing your pool water can help prevent these issues.

Q. What are the environmental benefits of using an ioniser?
Ionisers reduce the need for harsh chemicals, which is better for the environment. With fewer chemicals used, there is less chemical runoff and less impact on the surrounding ecosystem.