Naked Pool Systems

If you’re looking for a chlorine-free solution for your pool, Naked Pools offer innovative systems that deliver the latest technology in freshwater swimming pools. Want to know more? Speak to our team today!



At Pool Assist, we pride ourselves on providing leading products to our Perth customers. We specialise in the sale of the high quality systems on offer through Naked Pools and can provide expert advice so you can be confident that your system fits your needs. Our technicians can carry out quick and professional installation so you can enjoy the benefits of fresh, clear water.






If you have a Naked Pools system in place, you need to have a pool company with the expertise to carry out on-site assistance. The certified technicians at Pool Assist understand how your system operate and can carry out repairs and maintenance as required. To make things even easier, Naked Pools can also directly handle any troubleshooting and can be contacted if there is a fault. With help from our team, your Naked Pools system will run perfectly into the future.

Naked Pool System

The NKD1 Fresh Water System from Naked Pools offers an innovative alternative to chlorine, salt or mineral based systems. Instead of relying on harmful chemicals, this system uses copper and silver ionisation to treat the water. While the silver disinfects the water and controls bacteria, the copper prevents algae growth. This means you’re left with clear, fresh water which is safe to swim in.

Benefits of choosing a Naked Pool System

Less Irritation

Less Irritation


One of the best things about a Naked Pool System is that you don’t get the irritated skin and red eyes which can result from traditional systems. If you or your family struggle with eczema, dermatitis, itchy skin, asthma or skin rashes, this system is perfect.



Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Naked Pools use the latest technology to ensure that your system can be customised to reduce your energy costs. You generally only need half the running time compared to other sanitisers which is great for the environment, while also saving you money.




Lower Maintenance

If you’re looking for a low maintenance system, Naked Pools have you covered. Their system means that you can backwash directly into the garden and you don’t need to add chemicals to your pool water.

 Longer Lasting Equipment

With traditional pool systems, harsh chemicals and salt chlorinated water will eventually take its toll on your equipment. With your new Naked Pool System, the fresh water means that your equipment, tiles and other surrounds last much longer.


Here at Pool Assist, we’re proud to offer Naked Pools systems to our Perth customers. Speak to our friendly team today for more information. To find out more about what Naked Pool Systems have to offer, you can also visit their website at