Pool Services in Perth

Pool servicing can be a time-consuming and complex task, especially regarding regular water testing and maintenance. At Pool Assist, we understand that pool owners want to enjoy their pools without the hassle of upkeep. That's why we offer a range of pool services that take care of the leg work, from water testing and chemical balancing to cleaning and repairs for homes and businesses in Perth and the surrounding areas.

Our experienced team of professionals are committed to providing efficient, reliable, and high-quality pool services to both residential and commercial customers in Perth. Our goal is to ensure that your pool is always in optimal condition, so you can enjoy it without any worry or stress. Contact us today to learn more about our pool services and experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with exceptional service on a regular basis.

Our Services

At Pool Assist we offer a wide range of pool services:

Commercial Pool Maintenance

Commercial swimming pools, like those found in gyms or apartment complexes, cater to a diverse range of regular visitors. As a result, maintaining the pool water quality becomes a crucial task that requires testing on a regular basis. This responsibility can be particularly challenging for your dedicated team, especially in specialised areas of the swimming pool industry where water stability is critical. Pool Assist can make sure that your commercial pools can remain in proper operation without additional hard work.

Residential Pool Maintenance

Sometimes maintaining your residential pool can be a hassle; making sure all the chemicals are kept safe, away from curious fingers and noses, that you have the right cleaning accessories, and that you know how and when to use them, can be a daunting task.

With a focus on stellar customer service in helping you with regular upkeep of both your spa and your pool so you'll be relaxing in no time.

Pool Equipment Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

At Pool Assist, we don't just service your pool and spa, but your equipment as well. If it needs some repairs, we can get them back up to proper operation and if need be, supply you with a replacement with our wide range of brands that we stock and sell.

Pool Equipment Installation

With pools, like cars, sometimes parts need replacing or updating, which quickly follows with installation and is always best done by a pool pro. At Pool Assist, we can supply and install a variety of equipment from our extensive range of products to get your swimming pools back up to par in no time. At Pool Assist, we have seen it all and, with a quick consultation of your existing system, we can let you know exactly what it needs to get working again.

Peace of Mind About Your Pool

Pool Assist adheres to strict training and safety standards to ensure your pool is healthy and your equipment is safe. We comply with health and safety standards and fulfil the duty of care requirements for your pool users. Our professional and reliable pool servicing offers ongoing peace of mind to our commercial customers across the Perth area.

To learn more about pool service providers in Perth, contact the Pool Assist experts on 08 9317 4088.


Q: What is included in a pool service?

A pool service typically includes the cleaning of your baskets and filters, with your water filters getting backwashed as well. They also include water testing and any necessary chemical balancing with equipment inspection and any adjustments they need. Every pool can vary significantly so at Pool Assist we take a bespoke approach to each one.

Q: How often should I get my pool serviced?

The frequency of pool service depends on various factors such as pool usage, the season and how little time you may have to look after it yourself. Typically, 4-weekly service visits are common for residential customers and weekly for commercial pools are common, but they can vary. Consult with our technicians at Pool Assist to determine the best schedule for your pool.

Q: How long does it typically take to service a pool in Perth?

The time it takes to service your pool can vary based on factors such as pool size, condition, and the tasks involved. Routine maintenance visits generally take no more than an hour. Extensive repairs or complex tasks can require multiple hours or visits. Get in contact with us and we’ll get you on the right track.

Q: How can I schedule a pool service appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by filling out our contact form with as much information as you can for faster processing as our phone line can get quite congested.