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At Pool Assist, we recognise that the conventional chlorine-based swimming pools might not suit every pool owner – whether due to allergic reactions or high maintenance costs. Our mineral pool systems are designed to offer you a luxurious swimming experience without compromising your well-being or the integrity of your pool.

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Mineral Pool Systems
Take the Frustration Out of Pool Management

What Can a Mineral Pool System Do For You?

Derived from a saltwater pool system, mineral pools use a variety of magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, and potassium chloride and borate mixes to produce chlorine as the primary sanitiser.

What this results in is a higher water quality for your skin and eyes than a traditional chlorine pool. This lets you enjoy being a pool owner without the frustration of complicated pool maintenance and dealing with harsh chemicals.

The Importance of Mineral Swimming Pool Maintenance

Why Do You Need Mineral Pool Maintenance?

At Pool Assist, we have a range of mineral pool systems and minerals from top brands in the industry, including:

Our knowledgeable technicians are here to provide practical advice tailored to your pool requirements. We can help you in choosing the right brand and model within your budget. 

Additionally, if you have an existing, more traditional pool system or a salt-based system, we can help you upgrade it by integrating modern technology, making it more efficient and seamless.

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The Benefits of Mineral Pool Systems

Differing from the traditional chlorine pool, mineral systems can bring with them a range of benefits, making them a popular choice with pool owners:
Gentle on Skin and Eyes

Gentle on Skin and Eyes

Mineral pools use fewer harsh chemicals, leading to reduced skin and eye irritation. The absence of chlorine often results in a gentler swimming experience, making it ideal for individuals with skin conditions.

Therapeutic Benefits

Therapeutic Benefits

Minerals such as magnesium can aid in relaxation and stress relief. Swimming in water with a high mineral content promotes muscle relaxation in the body and overall well-being, offering a spa-like experience at home.

Aesthetically Pleasing Water

Aesthetically Pleasing Water

Mineral systems often have crystal-clear pool water, visually enhancing the look. The natural minerals enhance water clarity, creating an inviting swimming pool that adds to the outdoor space's ambience.


What Our Clients Say

‘If you hate looking after your pool, you’ll love the people at Pool Assist. Responsive, fast, knowledgeable and highly effective. Highly recommend. Thank you, Stuart and team!’

Ben D. J.

‘I can’t thank the staff at Pool Assist enough for their professionalism, expertise and friendly face every time I need assistance in sorting a problem with the pool.  They are so efficient at responding and nothing is ever an effort.  To Travis and all the staff at Pool Assist, thank you.’

Kate D.

‘This company is A1 with service, communication and pricing. Garrie always showed up and helped get our pool back on track! Happy to recommend to anyone!’

Nicole K.
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Reap the benefits and experience the tranquility of having a mineral pool system with Pool Assist. With a range of brands and expertise in pool equipment installation and maintenance, we can help create a much more pleasant swimming experience. 

For a faster processing time, fill out our form or chat with us through our live chat and experience having your mineral pool system today. We aim to simplify your pool experience, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your leisure time without any hassle.

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As an alternative to the traditional chlorine-based pool sanitation, mineral pool systems come with a variety of questions.

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