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Regular Pool Maintenance Services

Stay On Top Of Your Swimming Pool Maintenance with Pool Assist

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, regular swimming pool maintenance can often slide down the list of priorities. Yet, for the optimal enjoyment of your pool and to ensure the health and safety of its users, maintaining a consistent pool care routine is crucial.

At Pool Assist, our team of technicians is ready to accommodate a maintenance schedule that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, providing peace of mind that your pool care needs are being met while you focus on your other commitments.

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Regular Pool Maintenance Services
Keep Your Pool Sparkling With Pool Assist

Efficient Regular Pool Maintenance

At Pool Assist, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy, clean and well-functioning pool to ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming pool. Our highly-trained professionals provide pool cleaning and maintenance services to homes and commercial businesses in Perth and the surrounding areas.

With a focus on attention to detail, we carefully keep the water balance steady, use the right pool chemicals and ensure that all pool equipment is kept in optimal condition year-round.

As the leading pool maintenance service in Perth, we are committed to providing exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Enquire today to learn more about how we can help you maintain a beautiful and healthy pool no matter the season.

How Often Do You Need Regular Pool Maintenance

Professional Regular Pool Maintenance

How often your pool needs maintenance and servicing depends on a variety of factors. In summertime and during the swimming season, when pool use is at its peak it can present a challenge for not only the pool but also the equipment and maintaining the water's chemical balance.

It becomes crucial to ensure that the pool remains not only clean and balanced but safe for swimming in. What can also impact your pool maintenance schedule are elements like the weather and how much sunlight your pool water gets, along with your surroundings as natural debris can fall into the water and potentially cause issues.

At Pool Assist, our job is to be able to provide you with a regular pool maintenance schedule that fits you and your swimming pool needs so you don't worry about the chlorine levels, what the test strips are for or why you have cloudy water. We follow the Australian Standards and the West Australian Health Department Code of Practice for every relevant pool so you can be certain that your pool's water will sparkle throughout the year.

With our extensive experience, we can assess how your pool and your equipment are placed and can offer a recommended schedule for regular maintenance. We are more than happy to take in any special requirements and make adjustments to make it easier for people to utilise their pool without worry.

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What Our Regular Pool Maintenance Services Cover

Our expert team allows us to maintain domestic and commercial swimming pools in the Perth region. We currently provide pool cleaning services to a variety of customers, including:
Swim Schools

Swim Schools





Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Strata Complexes

Strata Complexes

Residential Properties

Residential Properties


What Our Clients Say

‘Super friendly, super knowledgeable and super trustworthy.  They just care and want to help and don't just sell you products for the sake of it. I have been going there for years and will continue to do so.’


‘Staff at Pool Assist are all knowledgeable and friendly. Travis helped me fix a tricky staining problem which I’m very grateful for. Can’t see myself going anywhere else for my pool needs.’

Irena S.

‘Highly recommended — excellent service and very quick turnaround — I recently contacted the Pool Assist team in Myaree when my chlorinator experienced an electrical failure. The team were terrific with special mention to the technician Garrie, who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Garrie was friendly, maintained frequent contact, arrived on time and expertly installed my new equipment in a far better configuration than what the pool manufacturer (Aquatechnics) did 3 years ago. He also took the time to explain everything. Thanks to the team for the terrific customer service. Much appreciated..’

Adam S.
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Sometimes your swimming pool can have problems; maybe your pool water is murky after winter or your pool equipment is making a strange noise or you're not sure of what to make of your ph levels. Maybe you've moved to a house that has a pool and you have no idea of where to start. Pool Assist can get your pool up to scratch and sparkling in no time, for faster processing, fill out our service form. Have questions? Chat with us through the 'Text Us' feature today.

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Regular pool maintenance is key to keeping everyone safe and ensuring an enjoyable swimming experience.
Here’s a few frequently asked questions to get you started:

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