Although the trusty pool net and a stiff brush are useful for getting rid of leaves and debris, it’s pretty labour-intensive if these are your only means of keeping your pool clean. Luckily, technology has made life much easier when it comes to pool maintenance and there are a number of automatic options available. As experts when it comes to pool cleaning, Perth based Pool Assist is here to discuss the various automatic pool cleaners available to make your life easier.

Suction Pool Cleaners

The traditional suction pool cleaner is a popular choice for those on a budget and is connected directly to the skimmer basket, using the suction to move around the floor of the pool in a random pattern. Suction cleaners suck the dirt and debris straight into the skimmer basket so you need to be vigilant about checking the skimmer regularly so it doesn’t become clogged. Because it’s connected directly to the pump and filter, a suction cleaner can shorten the life of your equipment over time. It typically also takes the flow away from the skimmer so it’s more difficult for surface debris to be drawn into the skimmer box.

How can suction pool cleaners help?

Suction pool cleaners are a great option for those looking for cheap and easy results. Compared to the robotic automatic pool cleaner the suction version is more affordable and great for everyday normal pools.

Where suction pool cleaners excel are in the normal shaped small pools that allow for easy maneuvering and don't contain much debris. As suction cleaners don't have advanced algorithms, more complex pool structures won't be as perfect as your classic rectangular pool.

Because the suction pool cleaner is connected to the pump, if there’s too much of a build-up of rubbish there can be some downtime of cleaning until you clear out the pump. Compared to the robotic variants, this version comes with a small number of requirements you need to pay attention to. However, that amount is very small and shouldn’t affect you too much. 

Robot Pool Cleaners

At the top of the line in terms of technology and efficiency is the robotic pool cleaner. It uses advanced computer technology to map the layout of your pool which stops your cleaner from getting stuck in corners or missing areas. Best of all, they’re totally independent of your pool’s filtration system and store debris within the unit itself for easy cleaning. This puts less pressure on your existing pool equipment – all you do is pop it in the pool and turn it on. Although a robot cleaner can cost more with the initial costs, the ease of use and economical running makes it well worth it.

If you’ve been on the lookout for quality pool vacuums, or any other type of pool cleaner, Pool Assist carry leading brands and can provide professional advice to help you make the right decision. Our certified technicians also carry out regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your pool looking crystal clear!

How can robotic pool cleaners help?

Compared to suction pool cleaners, there are some differences you should make note of when deciding to get an automatic pool cleaner.

First is that many robotic automatic pool cleaners usually have a larger up-front cost. This cost is well earned though thanks to the advanced engineering inside.

Robotic pool cleaners are perfect for pools that catch a lot of debris like leaves and bugs, pools with odd designs, and for people who don't have the ability to check up on the filtration progress. As robotic automatic pool cleaners have their own filtration compared to suction cleaners, there’s no worry of the pool pump clogging or a lack of strength, making it great for more intense pool cleaning.

Another topic to note about robotic pool cleaners is that they’re able to study and understand a pool's layout meaning that even the most confusing shaped pools can have routine cleaning with little to no efficiency waste.

Which To Choose?

Understanding which pool cleaner is best for you can easily be broken down into simple advantages for both. Depending on which one suits your situation more, that will be the best option for you.

Suction Pool Cleaners:

  • Simple pool designs
  • Looking for a more affordable option
  • Able to check in on filter build-up

Robotic Pool Cleaners:

  • Willing to spend more on the initial costs
  • Want a no hands-on approach to pool cleaning
  • Have a more unique pool shape that will often prove difficult to clean thoroughly
  • Have heavy debris entering the pool

Best Quality Around

If you are going to choose an automatic pool cleaner then make sure to pick one up from the best. Pool Assist already has a line up of the most popular pool cleaners, both suction and robotic, that were picked from community favourites. We also offer help installing pool cleaners meaning you can just relax and get ready for when you have a clean pool. Choose us if you want a sparkling clean pool that’ll become the centre of attention for your friends and family. 

For professional pool cleaning, speak to the friendly team at Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62.

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