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As all commercial and residential pool owners are aware, the difference between an average and excellent pool service can make all the difference in the water quality and appearance of your pool. When it comes to finding high-quality pool services, smart pool owners will take the time to look around for a company with great quality control strategies in place, that provide a comprehensive range of services. However, you also want to be looking for a pool service company that offers an open and easy communication channel between their business and the customers needing pool services. Pool Assist is a pool service company in Perth that has quality control measures to ensure our customers are always aware of the accuracy of the chemical calculations and additions to their pool water, the quality of work completed by our team, and the overall progress of the job at hand.

Why do you need the help of a pool service company?

A swimming pool is usually a large investment for any household, so you want to make sure that you can enjoy your pool in a safe and fun way. Having the help of a pool service company can help take the weight off your shoulders that a consistent pool maintenance schedule can demand. You should be looking for a pool service company that offers more than simply a chemical analysis of the water, as they should be able to provide you with all of the following pool services:
  • Pool repairs across major brands of spa and pool equipment
  • Installation of pool equipment such as pumps or lighting fixtures
  • Cleaning of pool walls and tiles
  • Inspecting the condition of pool equipment
  • Water balancing
As a pool owner, you know how much time goes into providing your pool with the necessary care and attention it needs each month. Imagine if you could leave this huge amount of time and effort in the hands of capable pool service professionals. Plus, you can also benefit from the efficiency of our workers, as a job that may take an amateur a couple of hours to complete, can be done quickly and in a high-quality manner. A pool service company should also provide you with helpful education on how you can be helping your pool as much as possible and outline the different processes that they are undertaking for your specific pool. At the end of the day, you’ll be spending more time enjoying your pool and relaxing, instead of stressing about the level of work involved in the upkeep of the pool.

Check The Reviews

As always, you should be checking the reviews that past customers have left for the pool service company. Make sure to check reviews on Google and look at customer’s comments or reviews on their social media profiles. A reliable pool service company should be matched by glowing reviews, and this valuable form of customer feedback should be able to tell you about the level of service and professionalism that the company provides.

Fully Licensed

Another thing to check when looking for a pool service company in Perth is whether the business itself is licensed to operate and possess the appropriate permits. Pool Assist is accredited with the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of WA, and we have 5 fully qualified technical operators that provide our company with the necessary skills and experience to conduct all of our pool services. We make sure that all of our pool specialists undertake an initial training program, and undergo ongoing training as part of their work at Pool Assist. You can also rest assured knowing that we have a $20M public liability insurance policy, as well as workers compensation in place, helping us to protect our valuable customers and staff.

Pool Assist Perth

Our quality control measures and attention to detail at Pool Assist helps us to provide our customers with excellent services that they can rely on all throughout the year. You should only ever hire professional and certified pool service technicians to manage and maintain your pool, as our pool specialists require extensive training to provide professional services. Pool Assist is made up of a diverse team of engineers, chemists, plumbers, and many more, allowing us to deliver a comprehensive range of services for your pool in Perth. Building a professional relationship takes a fair amount of time, so our team always strives to be caring and loyal when it comes to creating lasting customer relationships. With our staff collectively holding over 100 years of experience in the pool and spa industry, our level of knowledge and experience in service is second to none. From small pool maintenance needs and repairs to spa servicing and pool equipment installation, we can cover it all! No project is too big or small for Pool Assist.
Pool service company