pool chlorine tablets perth

It is not uncommon to be faced with a pool that has been overdosed with chlorine tablets.

This is largely due to the problem that arises when a pool cleaner decides to take the easy way out and offer their customers advice to use a lot more tablets than are good and necessary for the pool. Taking the time to learn about tablet usage is very beneficial, and not to mention cost-efficient, as using tablets in excess is not only very costly but can severely damage your pool in the long run.

For those pools built in areas with hard water, overusing chlorine tablets shouldn't be much of an issue.

Most areas in Australia, however, are provided with soft water. Chlorine tablets sit at a pH reading of 3.0, which means that these tablets are highly acidic. The more you use, the more acid you are liberally depositing into your pool, which unfortunately could lead to the corrosion of the heater, lights, and plastering of the pool. The most important aspect to ensure accuracy in the safe use of chlorine tablets is to use the right amount of chlorine for your own pool. Swimmers could experience sore eyes, rashes on their skin and even breathing difficulties whilst swimming in heavily chlorinated pools. The overuse of these tablets can also disrupt the balance of chemicals in your pool water, which could cause the pH level to go too low. Low pH levels cannot be reversed without the replacement or resurfacing of your pool water. It is a simple, yet costly, and damaging mistake. From personal experience in the pool servicing and maintenance industry, less is always more with chlorine tablets. Remember that the use of these tablets is supposed to help maintain balanced water and create the best swimming experience for all swimmers.
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