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Although the sun is high in the sky and the air is getting warmer, all pool owners should know that their pool should only be used when it has undergone the essential tests. This means that routine swimming pool servicing, maintenance and cleaning tasks should all be fully looked after.

Expert Pool Servicing Advice

It’s crucial to keep your pool water clean to avoid ‘recreational water illness’ from affecting anyone who comes into contact with unhygienic, dirty water. If your pool water is properly maintained and cleaned then there will be no risk of waterborne contaminants.

What we can suggest is that you look into one of our professional swimming pool servicing plans that will focus on checking the chemical state of your pool and begin to bring it back to a sterilised state. This would of course include making sure the pH level is balanced as this is the best method to killing all potential bacteria and keeping your pool healthy.

This will get rid of the bacteria that lives inside your pool, but you should also make sure to request a thorough cleaning of your pool after this is done. 

A Routine Chlorine Check Goes Best With A Cleaning

Although your pool could be immaculate and sterilised, there is always the chance of certain ‘bugs’ that are resistant to the chemicals in your pool water, and hence, it is crucial to seek help from professionals to keep your pool as clean as possible.

If having a routine cleaning from one of our services is not a viable possibility for you then there are other methods you can choose. You could purchase an automated pool cleaner to handle what could have been done by hand. These automated pool cleaners have progressively become more advanced over the years and now days are perfect for dealing with the majority of pool cleaning, leaving you with more time to enjoy the pool!

There are some areas an automatic pool cleaner won’t cover. These include where the filter is situated and areas where there isn’t enough clearance for the automated pool cleaner to enter. For this reason, we do suggest annually, or whenever you can, look into purchasing our professional swimming pool servicing. This will guarantee a thorough clean with great results.

Have Your Equipment Checked And Maintained

The services we offer also include checking and potentially repairing the pool equipment that you currently have. To understand if you need this service you need to know how pool equipment gets damaged and the potential dangers that can arrive from it?

When it comes to maintaining your pool equipment there are small problems that can domino into larger issues, so knowing what kills your equipment is important. An example of how equipment can break is how an automated pool cleaner dies because it was left continuously in the pool. Another example to help you get an idea is when the valves in your pump are closed creating a force that won’t let it work which ultimately starts making it break down.

The main risks of these issues, as well as many others, accumulate to create a potentially unsafe pool environment for all who enter. Allowing algae to build up and bacteria to form are the main potential problems that can arise. This is why having someone who understands where to look, what to look for, and understands what to do so they can go about fixing the issue is very important.

 A Pool Cover Creates All Sorts Of Benefits

Common bacteria are a big fan of having heated and moist locations to live in, which can make your pool the perfect location. Having a heated pool is great for winter and using either a pool cover or heater to keep the water warm is great on those colder days, but this method is exactly what the bacteria is looking for. 

However, don’t rule out the use of a pool cover too quickly as there are many benefits to having one. Having a pool cover is massively helpful in reducing the potential of debris to fall into your pull and can also do a great job of blocking out sun rays which would usually create extra algae in your pool. 

If you plan on keeping a pool cover or will continue to use a heater then invest in routine pool cleaning to ensure that your pool environment is safe for your friends and family. 

Call in The Perth Swimming Pool Servicing Professionals

Hiring a specialist pool cleaner is just one way to ensure your pool water is safe to swim in all seasons. With our professional swimming pool servicing being great for value and perfect to get your pool up and running, there are many reasons to invest in routine cleaning.

Having your pool waters acidity levels tested, as well as examining if your chlorine levels are safe will ensure that all swimmers are safe from disease and bacteria when in the water. Even if you can’t request it often, getting your pool serviced annually is a great idea.

is just one way to ensure your pool water is safe to swim in all seasons. Having your pool waters acidity levels tested, as well as examining if your chlorine levels are safe, will ensure that all swimmers are safe from disease and bacteria when in the water.
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