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Owning a pool sounds fantastic in theory – what better way to cool off and entertain your friends! However, as beneficial as it is to own a pool, you also need to factor in the need for maintenance. So, where do you start? At Pool Assist, our professional pool cleaners in Perth know a thing or two about keeping your pool well maintained, and today we’ll be sharing some of our most useful tips.  

Clean out the skimmer basket

One of the most basic maintenance tips is to clean out the skimmer basket on a regular basis as it fills with dirt and debris. Failing to keep the skimmer box clear can stop the water from circulating properly through the filter and makes your pump work overtime.

Backwash the filter regularly

If you have a sand filter, don’t forget to backwash regularly. As a general rule, you should backwash at least monthly, but this may increase during the warmer months. The frequency that you need to backwash will depend on a number of factors such as how often the pool is being used and how dirty it becomes – keep an eye on increased pressure as this is a sign that backwashing needs to occur.

Test the water

Even during periods when you’re not using your pool much, you need to monitor the chemical levels of the pool. During the summer months, weekly water testing is optimal and this can be reduced to once every few weeks in the winter. Aim to keep your PH between 7.2 and 7.6. You can either take your water into your local pool shop for them to take a look or you can try an easy at-home test kit – whichever is easier for you!

Keep an eye on the water level

This might seem like a very basic tip but so many people forget to watch their water level, particularly in the winter months. The water should come halfway up the skimmer opening– any lower and you risk your pump running dry and causing serious damage.

Consider a pool cover

We’re all about making pool maintenance as easy as possible, and investing in a pool cover has a number of benefits. Not only does it keep the pool warmer, but it also prevents water evaporation and chemical loss. It can also prevent algae from growing and stops debris build up in the water. Here at Pool Assist, our team of expert swimming pool cleaners is ready to deliver crystal clear results. We don’t just ensure that your pool is clean – we also carry out water testing, system checks, backwashing of the filter, and adding chemicals where necessary. If your pool equipment isn’t running as it should, we also carry out repairs. For the best swimming pool cleaners, give the team at Pool Assist a call today on 1300 62 82 62.
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