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If you’re guilty of letting your pool maintenance slide from time to time, you’re not alone! Life gets busy and before you know it, you realize that it’s been a while since you tended to your pool. Although there is some maintenance you can do yourself, there are times when you need to call in the experts for some additional help. Today, we’re looking at some of the telling signs that you should give your pool servicing company a call. Algae infestations Unfortunately, most pool owners have woken up to discover that their pool has turned an unappealing shade of green thanks to algae. If you’re not sure how to get rid of the algae, or it keeps coming back despite your best efforts, it could be time to call in the experts. They’ll be able to treat your green pool, as well as giving advice to best ensure it doesn’t happen again. Cloudy water Cloudy water can be a sign of many things, most commonly a build-up of debris and chemical imbalance. This could be caused by a number of factors including poor water circulation, filtration issues, and heavy rain. If you can’t seem to get the crystal clear results you want, a pool service will allow your technician to test all of your systems plus the water chemistry balance and identify what’s going on. Pump problems Your pump is the heart of your pool and if it’s not working properly, it can lead to unhealthy water. If your pump doesn’t seem to be pulling water through, is making unusual noises, or seems to be leaking water, it’s time to get it looked at by the experts – remember that your pool technician will also be able to carry out repairs as necessary. Inefficient filter If your water is continually cloudy despite the filter running, or if the flow of water is restricted despite your best efforts to backwash or clean the filter, it could be a sign that your filter isn’t functioning as it should. Also, keep an eye on the pressure of the filter – if it seems to be high despite backwashing, get it looked at by the experts. Suspected leaks Suspected leaks are best dealt with quickly by your pool technician so if you think this may be an issue, organize a service. Signs of potential leaks could be standing water near the pool or equipment, the pool losing a high volume of water, cracks in the cement or tiles, or water corrosion at the pump. If you need to organize professional swimming pool maintenance, speak to the team at Pool Assist. We offer pool cleaning, general servicing, and repairs, so you can be confident that your pool will look its best year-round. Our certified technicians offer flexible servicing, whether you need regular fortnightly maintenance or occasional service. We offer pristine results so you can enjoy the water! For a friendly, Professional Pool Services approach, contact Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62
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