Pool Cleaner
Although you need to carry out your own maintenance to keep your pool looking its best, regular professional servicing can make a huge difference to the cleanliness and visual appeal of your pool. Whether you opt for regular fortnightly servicing or prefer to call in the professionals every so often, there are certain things you should expect from your servicing appointment. Today, we’ll be looking at what your technician should get up to during scheduled pool maintenance so you know what standard you should expect.  

General maintenance

One of the first things your pool technician will do is general maintenance to get your pool looking clean. This includes emptying the skimmer basket, brushing down the sides of the pool, removing debris from the surface and vacuuming to get rid of additional dirt and debris. This thorough cleaning will leave your pool looking its best, and it one of the reasons why a service is a good idea before a special occasion or at the beginning of the swimming season.

Backwashing the filter

If you have a sand filter, one of the jobs that a technician will carry out is a backwash of the filter. This generally needs to take place every month, depending on the circumstances, so try to time your service for when a backwash is due. If you have a cartridge filter, your technician will also check this and clean it if necessary.

Checking the system

The health of your pool depends on how your pool equipment is operating so your pool technician will check the systems while carrying out your service. This ensures that everything is running as it should and any issues will be picked up. The pressure will also be recorded.

Testing the water

When it comes to checking that your pool water has the right balance of chemicals, your pool technician is the best person to check for you and you should expect this at every service. The pH will be tested, along with the free chlorine, total alkalinity, cyanauric acid (or stabiliser) calcium hardness and salt levels (if a salt chlorinated pool).

Adding chemicals

Once the water has been tested, your technician will add chemicals to the pool if necessary to ensure the correct balance. They’ll also be able to give you advice around adding any chemicals yourself between services. Once they leave, your pool will be ready to go and perfectly swimmable. At Pool Assist, we pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service when it comes to pool service and repair. Our certified technicians can assist with maintenance, as well as carrying out repairs so you get the most out of your pool equipment. With our help, your pool will be clean and sparkling throughout the year – all you need to do is sit back and enjoy!   For a Perth professional pool service ‘near me’, look no further than Pool Assist. Give us a call today on 1300 62 82 62.
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