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Investing in a pool cover is a smart choice – it saves money on your water bill by reducing evaporation significantly, stops debris from getting in your pool, prevents chlorine degradation, and extends your swimming season thanks to keeping the pool warmer for longer. But which pool cover is right for you? There are a few different options available and today we’ll take a closer look to help you make your decision.

Bubble blankets

Bubble blankets are the most cost-effective option when it comes to pool covers and are made of lightweight translucent polythene or polypropylene which contain air bubbles. The blanket absorbs the heat of the sun during the day to warm the pool and prevents heat from escaping overnight. The main benefit of bubble blankets, other than being budget-friendly, is that it’s the only pool cover option that actually heats up your pool rather than just preventing heat loss. They’re also easy to install and can be fitted to any pool.

Thermal blankets

Thermal blankets are a great option when it comes to a quality pool cover as they do a great job at retaining the heat of the pool overnight. The material of the thermal blanket blocks out all sunlight which helps to prevent algae build-up in the pool. Your thermal blanket will reduce evaporation almost completely and can be left out in the sun. Like bubble blankets, they can easily be fitted to any pool shape or size. However, unlike bubble blankets, they don’t heat the water. With a thermal blanket, you’ll need a roller as they’ll be too heavy to move.

Slat covers

A slat cover is a high-quality pool cover designed to last for many years. A slat cover is rigid enough to be operated automatically if desired and the slats can be made from a number of different materials. Slatted covers help with heat retention and eliminate evaporation. Most importantly, they can support the weight so are a safe choice if you have kids or pets. Slat covers are the most expensive pool cover option and require professional installation.

Leaf covers

Leaf pool covers do exactly what their name suggests – they prevent leaves and debris from building up in your pool. These covers are generally made from woven fabric and stretch across the whole surface of the pool. Designed to be highly durable, these covers are popular if you have trees overhanging the pool or won’t be using your pool for an extended period of time. Although not to the same level as other types of covers, they can also prevent evaporation and protect the pool from sunlight which in turn can help prevent algae.

At Pool Assist, we provide high-quality pool equipment, including a range of covers, across Perth. Thanks to the level of knowledge and expertise of our professional team, we’ll be able to make recommendations for products that will suit your domestic or commercial pool. Need help with cleaning and maintenance? No problem! Our team can also ensure your pool performs at its best throughout the year.

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