pool maintenance in winter
As we head into the winter months and the weather cools down, your pool is probably going to get less use. However, don’t make the mistake of forgetting about your pool until next summer – you still need to keep up your maintenance. As professional pool cleaners, we’re here to share our top maintenance tips for looking after your pool over winter. 

Test your water regularly

Even though your pool isn’t in use, it’s important to continue testing the water to make sure your chemicals are balanced. Continue to test the pH of your water so it remains between 7.2 and 7.6 and adjust your chemicals as needed – at-home test kits are a convenient way to keep on top of it. Not only does keeping your chemicals balanced to keep the water looking clear, but it can also prevent the build-up of algae.

Clear out leaves and debris

Yes, when the cold weather sets in it can be difficult to build up the motivation to get out there and clear out debris from the pool, but it makes ongoing maintenance a lot easier. Again, you don’t need to do it as frequently as the summer months but aim to check your skimmer box every one-two weeks.

Reduce your equipment running time

The cost of running a pool should decrease significantly over the colder months as your equipment won’t need to work overtime. With that in mind, remember to decrease the running time. As a rule-of-thumb halve what you were running the equipment for during summer. For an average-sized pool, three to four hours per day is generally optimal for the winter months.

Remember to backwash

Even though the pool isn’t in use, you still need to remember to backwash your pool filter so it can do its job. Once a month should be enough and this also gives you the chance to give a quick check of your equipment to see if there are any other issues.

Keep up your professional maintenance

It’s understandable that you don’t need to get the professionals out as often as you do in the summer months when the pool is in full use. However, expert maintenance is still a great idea to make sure your pool is maintained to an acceptable standard – this will make things a lot easier when you want to use your pool again! Speak to your technician about how often they recommend a service and they’ll be able to offer you some guidance. At Pool Assist, we’re professional pool cleaners based in Perth who specialize in transforming your commercial or residential pool for perfectly swimmable water. Not only do we carry out regular cleaning services, but our highly-trained technicians can also carry out repairs and maintenance. With our pool cleaning services, you’ll love the sparkling results – just sit back and enjoy the water!   For expert pool cleaning Perth, speak to the team at Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62.
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