Swimming Equipment
Swimming in your backyard pool may seem like an activity that doesn’t require much pool equipment. However, there are a few essentials that are needed to get you started. There are also many other items that may not be essential, however they can be important and provide a more enjoyable pool experience. Whether the pool equipment you take provides protection from the chlorine, or improves your swimming abilities, there are plenty of swimming items that you should consider packing in your bag before heading down to the pool.

Swimming Goggles

Whether you take your swimming seriously or you’re someone who simply enjoys a leisurely dip in the pool, swimming goggles offer many benefits. There is the obvious benefit of being able to see underwater; however, there are some not so obvious benefits that a pair of swimming goggles can provide.
  • Protection from chlorine – Exposing your eyes to chlorine can be painful for some people. Although it doesn’t cause any permanent damage, it can be uncomfortable to open your eyes under water. Some people are more sensitive than others and chlorine can leave the eyes red and watery. Wearing a good pair of swimming goggles will provide a tight and waterproof seal that prevents chlorine from irritating your eyes. As a result, goggles make swimming more comfortable.
  • Better clarity – Depending on the type of swimming googles, many good quality brands have great lenses that improve vision and clarity under water. For those who take their swimming seriously, this can be perfect for better distance and depth perception, allowing better judgement of turns under water. Even those swimming recreationally will appreciate the extra clarity they get from a good pair of swimming goggles.
  • Corrective lenses – Many of us wear some form of corrective lenses, and for those who enjoy swimming, this can create a problem with vision. Some swimmers who wear prescription glasses or contact lenses often struggle with poor vision under water. However, you can now purchase custom-made prescription goggles and enjoy the clarity of swimming with no more eye strain.

Swimming cap

For those with long hair, you’ve probably found it a bit annoying to have your hair dragging in the water or getting in your face while swimming. Although swimming caps don’t keep your hair dry, they have numerous benefits that make swimming more enjoyable.
  • Swim faster – Swimming caps help you swim faster by eliminating drag in the water. You may think that this is achievable by tying your hair in a ponytail. However, a swimming cap will secure all the little bits of hair around your neck and forehead as well, and you also won’t have a long ponytail dragging behind you.
  • Protects hair – Swimming caps don’t keep your hair dry, however they do offer protection. Chlorine can be damaging to your hair and a swimming cap offers a layer of protection, reducing any chemical damage to your hair.
  • Safety – Depending on the colour of the swimming cap, it can allow other swimmers to clearly see you clearly.

Training suit

Your swimming suite is one of the essential pieces of swimming equipment that you will need. There are many types to choose from, and the type of swimsuit that you choose will depend on many factors.
  • Speedos – The swimming brief. Often known as Speedos, are the most common type of swimming suit to wear when swimming laps. Speedos are cheap, provide excellent hydrodynamics and last a long time in chlorinated water.
  • Square-legged – The square-leg training suits provide a little more coverage compared to Speedos while still giving a good amount of mobility and speed. Although they are similar to some swim shorts, due to their snug fit they don’t drag, making them faster in the water.
  • Jammers – Jammers are fairly new to the swimsuit family. These are a little more modest for those who may be uncomfortable going straight to the Speedo type fit. However, they still provide a snug fit and great hydrodynamics.

Ear Plugs

Swimmers ear is a painful condition that can result in hearing loss. Swimmers ear is caused by swimming for long periods of time. Ear plugs may be essential for some swimmers, particularly those who swim for sport. They provide good protection, preventing the ears from being damaged. Swimming ear plugs are typically used by athletes, however many people who swim for leisure use them if they are prone to ear infections.

Nose clip

Both competitive swimmers and recreational swimmers can benefit from wearing a nose clip. This may be the last thing that you consider to use while swimming, but a nose clip can provide some positive benefits while swimming. Nose clips can prevent water from getting up your nose. This can happen for many reasons; it may be that you’re swimming backstroke or not exhaling correctly during a flip turn. A nose clip helps you with breath control which can be something many beginners struggle with. A nose clip also is great when kicking off from the wall by helping with breath control, making the transition into your breakout much smoother.


Kickboards may be seen as something only beginners use. However, they can benefit both beginners as well as those who swim on a regular basis. Kickboards can enhance your workout. They are great for isolating leg movements and to take a rest during long workouts. Kickboards are often used to provide buoyancy and isolate certain movements that need attention. For beginners, kickboards can offer a confidence boost by keeping the swimmer afloat during training.

Swimming bag

You’re probably going to need a good quality bag for all of your pool equipment. A bag is an important piece of equipment for any sport, but for swimmers it can be essential. A good swimming bag can keep everything organised allowing you to find what you need quickly and easily. The pool may be a little daunting for the beginner. However, by being prepared with the best equipment you can make the transition smoother and enjoyable. By making sure you have some essential pool equipment such as a comfortable swimsuit, good goggles, a swimming cap and ear plugs if needed, you can focus purely on your swimming and improving your skills.