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Robotic pool cleaners are becoming an increasingly popular pool accessory and there’s no surprise why – they help keep your pool crystal clear with minimal effort from you. While there was a time when there were only a handful of robot cleaners on the market, there are now plenty of options for you to choose from. So what should you look for in your robotic pool cleaner? Here at Pool Assist, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the best pool cleaners available. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the features you should look for when it comes to your robotic pool cleaner.

What is a robotic pool cleaner?

Robot pool cleaners are designed using the latest technology to keep your pool free from dirt and debris. They operate using an electric motor and are completely independent of the pool’s filtration system, with their own separate bag for collecting debris. They work like a vacuum cleaner and move around using wheels or tracks to filter out any debris in the water. Many models of robot cleaners use advanced computer technology to map out the layout of your pool so there are no missed spots. The fact that they operate independently means that they don’t place pressure on your existing equipment. Robotic pool cleaners are also easy to use – just lower it into the pool and turn it on!

What should I look for in a robotic pool cleaner?

When it comes to shopping for a robotic pool cleaner, there are a few features that you should look for. These include;
  1. Durability and reliability Robotic pool cleaners tend to be more expensive when it comes to the initial investment compared to other automatic cleaners, such as suction cleaners. However, they more than makeup for it when it comes to durability and reliability. If you choose a reputable robot pool cleaner, they’re designed to last the distance provided its maintained correctly. Remember to let your pool technician know if you’re having issues with your pool cleaner as they can often address the problem so you can avoid a replacement.
  2. Top-quality brushes For a robot pool cleaner to do its job properly, it needs to have high-quality brushes to effectively remove dirt and debris from pool surfaces. Ask your local pool shop which model offers top-quality brushes so you can be confident you’re getting the best clean possible. Remember, no matter how good your brushes are they’ll eventually need replacing. Check the brushes of your robotic cleaner after every use and remove any trapped debris. Once the bristles become too worn, they’ll need replacing.
  3. Energy efficiency Robotic pool cleaners have a well-earned reputation for being energy efficient and this can make a big difference to your power bill. When you choose a robot pool cleaner with a good reputation, you can be confident that not only will you get a superior clean but you’ll also find it to be less of a drain on your power bill. Although the initial investment for a robot pool cleaner is more, the savings add up over time thanks to the energy efficiency of this type of robot.
  4. Smart and programmable features One of the main things that set a robotic pool cleaner apart from its counterparts is that it uses advanced technology. Find a model that has the features that suit your lifestyle – there are plenty of options that are designed to make your life easier! Look for robot cleaners that have a range of programs for you to customize your clean and have the ability to map out the layout of your pool so there are no missed spots. Some models can even be operated remotely via an app.
  5. Ability to climb stairs There are some models of robotic pool cleaners that only clean the bottom of the pool. However, if you really want to take advantage of the full cleaning power of a robot then it’s a good idea to opt for a model that can climb the stairs and walls of the pool. This ensures a more thorough clean as every surface of the pool is covered. There are even some models that can go all the way up to the waterline.

How do I maintain my robotic pool cleaner?

The good news about owning a robotic pool cleaner is that there isn’t too much maintenance involved and that’s always a good thing! The most important thing to remember is that robot cleaners aren’t designed to be left in the pool so pull it out once it’s finished cleaning – it shouldn’t be kept in the water like suction cleaners tend to be. Once it’s out of the water, clear the filter bag, give it a rinse off and store it somewhere out of the elements. You should also check the wheels and brushes to ensure there’s no trapped debris or signs of wear. To keep your robot cleaner in the best condition possible, remember to schedule regular maintenance with your pool technician.

The robotic pool cleaner experts

If you’re interested in investing in a robotic pool cleaner for your commercial or domestic pool, speak with one of the experienced team at Pool Assist. We carry a range of robotic pool cleaners from leading brands including Dolphin, Zodiac, Astral, Hayward, and Kreepy Krauly to deliver pristine results. We can also conduct servicing and repairs on your existing robot cleaner so you get the most out of your investment. Speak to our team today to find out more! To choose the best pool cleaner for your pool, visit Pool Assist at one of our convenient locations.