Whether you already own a pool, or you’re thinking about purchasing one, you may not have considered what type of accessories you will need, or want. There are numerous different pool accessories you can purchase to complement your pool. Some of these are essential items and some may be ‘just for fun’! First let’s get into the essential accessories, the stuff that will keep your pool functioning at its optimal levels.

Pool Essentials

There are some pool accessories that are essential to maintain your pool. They often come with your swimming pool package, but you may need to consider these accessories in the future.

Filters and Pumps

Pool filters and pumps are two of the most vital items for your pool. Your pool pump keeps the water circulating so it remains fresh. The pump will remove any solid contaminants that make their way into the water and empty them into a skimmer basket. A pool filter is attached to the pump which the water passes through and any remaining debris or contaminants are removed.

Pool Cover

Pool covers are often an accessory many fail to consider, or believe it will ruin the look of their pool. However, covers can be invaluable by helping to reduce the maintenance costs of your pool. Pool covers protect your pool from falling leave, debris and pests. Pool covers also reduce the amount of chemicals needed, and help to maintain the water temperature. A cover will also reduce water evaporation. This means that you will save on water and heating costs.

Pool Scoop and Brush

The risk of algae growth increases if leaves and other debris make their way into your pool. This may result in more time and money being spent on rebalancing the water. By brushing and scooping your pool on a regular basis you can help to reduce the risk of algae growth and keep your pool sparkling clean all year round.

Pool Robot

This isn’t essential, but it can make life a lot easier. You can clean your pool by hand; however, a pool robot automatically moves through the water and cleans it for you. What could be better than that?


Pool lights also aren’t an essential item, but they do increase the safety of your pool, which may be essential to you. Pool lights are not only great for increased safety, they also look beautiful at night and create a magical atmosphere.

Not-So Essential Pool Items

Now it’s time to get to the fun stuff. There are numerous pool accessories which may not be essential, but can increase the enjoyment of your pool for everyone. Having the right pool accessories not only make your pool more fun, it also enhancing its functionality and creates countless ways to keep the family entertained this summer. There are a lot of options on the market when it comes to fun pool accessories, and it may seem a little overwhelming. So here we have made a simple list of five pool accessories that you and your family can enjoy.

Top 5 Pool Accessories You Can Make Use Of

If you have a pool, or you’re planning on purchasing one, you’re probably planning on sharing it with family and friends. This is when you might want to consider what fun accessories you can purchase to complement your pool and keep everyone entertained, kids and adults alike. There are many different products to make your pool fun and create the atmosphere that you want. There is much more you can do than just swim in your pool, so here are the top five accessories you can purchase to make the most of you swimming pool.

Swim Sportz Pool Buggy

This inflatable 4WD is the perfect way for the kids to cruise around the pool in style. Your little driver will love this fun pool accessory with a comfortable seat and legs holes to provide kicking power. The Swim Sportz Pool Buggy also comes with a handy sun shade for protection and a rear handle to prevent your little driver from speeding away.

S.R. Smith Helix2 Slide Gray Granite

What is a pool without a slide? The kids will have hours of fun with the S.R. Smith Helix2 slide. Why jump into the pool when you can slide? The S.R. Smith Helix2 slide is not only for the kids, adults can also enjoy join in as this slide holds up to 113kgs. The slide also features an enclosed ladder and handrails for your safety. With a complete 360-degree spiral, the S.R. Smith Helix2 slide is strong and durable for many years of pool side fun.

Swimline LED Light Up Giant Swan

This giant inflatable pool swan will bring life to your pool parties at night. Everyone loves a relaxing pool floaty, but this one comes with something unique. The Swimline LED Light Up Swan lights up in multiple colours while you relax and float the night away.

Swimline Personal Pizza Island

Relax and soak up the sun while you float on your Swimline Personal Pizza Island. With enough room to accommodate two or more adults, it comes with a stuffed crush head rest and built in cup holders for your convenience.

Swimline Floating Pool Game Board

Get the family together for the perfect pool, or poolside fun. Board Games aren’t just for the indoors, now you can take them into the pool. This magnetic floating game board is reversible for either checkers, chess or backgammon. Both the adults and children will enjoy this fun pool accessory. A swimming pool is a great investment for you and your family. But your pool may not reach its “fun-potential” without the right accessories. Pools can offer both relaxation and fun, and when you add accessories, you can be sure you’ll be getting the most out of your pool all year round. For expert advice about pool accessories in Perth, contact our friendly staff at Pool Assist today. We are always more than happy to help with your pool accessory needs.