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Salt chlorination a simpler and safer alternative

In a time before pool chlorinators were popular, it was essential to store and handle harsh chlorination chemicals as a way to keep a swimming pool safe and clean for all to use. The advancements in the pool industry today have bought us a simpler and safer alternative - salt chlorination. Salt chlorinators are a convenient and natural alternative to the traditional harsh solid or liquid chemical chlorine.

How does a salt chlorinator work?

Salt systems convert salt that has been dissolved into the perfect amount of chlorine, so you will always have clear, clean, and luxuriously soft water with less effort and worry on your part.

The top four reasons to convert your pool to a salt chlorinator system are:

  1. It can save you up to 50 percent of the costs involved in maintaining traditional chlorine pools.
  2. Silky, soft water all year round.
  3. Maintenance is a breeze.
  4. No chlorine smell and less irritating to the skin and eyes of swimmers.
It is easy to convert to a salt chlorinated pool, as all salt chlorine generators do is convert conventional salt into chlorine, instead of using harmful chemicals and chlorine to sanitize your pool. All the perks of a conventional chlorinated pool without the negative side effects.

For assistance on rebalancing the chemistry of your pool water after heavy rain, call your local pool professionals - Pool Assist.

Because Pool Assist is a family-owned Perth pool company - you will be able to speak to Paul the owner directly. Let him take care of your pool maintenance, so you can relax and enjoy a sparkling clean pool. Organize a free onsite quote – where I will personally visit your site. Contact Paul directly on 0412 839 152.  
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