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No pool is complete without a pool cover Installing or using a pool cover is a highly effective and simple way of keeping your pool free of bugs and garden debris. There are a number of other benefits to making sure your pool is covered during those winter months when it is not in use.

Your pool cover - an essential accessory

Pool covers are a vital accessory for any Australian pool which will save you both money and time when it comes to pool maintenance. Using a pool cover is the most efficient way of preventing pool water from evaporating. Pool covers stop water evaporation by up to 95%. Pool covers also keep your pool water clean, which in turn decreases the number of times your pool will need a backwash. Chemical evaporation into the atmosphere (increasing chemical usage) is a common problem that is rectified by keeping your pool covered. If you have a heated pool a cover will save you a huge 50% on heating costs. Evaporation is the major reason with heat loss for domestic and commercial swimming pools. This happens mainly during night time when the air temperature falls below the pool water temperature. For those of you without the benefit of pool heating, a pool cover increases the pool temperature by around 6-8˚C in pools that get the sun, which will help extend your swimming season.

So what pool cover is right for your pool?

There is a large variety of pool cover types in the market. They range from thermal blankets to bubble blankets, and slat covers to leaf covers. Bubble blankets are one of the most popular and are the most easiest to use and install. They also have a long life span and are the most economical to buy.

Why install a pool cover?

  • Decreases 95% of pool water evaporation
  • Decreases the number of backwashes
  • Reduce your chemical usage
  • Save 50% on heating costs
  • Increases your swim season

For assistance on rebalancing the chemistry of your pool water after heavy rain, call your local pool professionals - Pool Assist.

Because Pool Assist is a family-owned Perth pool company - you will be able to speak to Paul the owner directly. Let him take care of your pool maintenance, so you can relax and enjoy a sparkling clean pool. Organize a free onsite quote – where he will personally visit your site. Contact Paul directly on 0412 839 152.
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