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Commercial Pool Opening Procedures

Opening a commercial pool again after a long break is a simple process. Decide if you wish to embark on the journey to reopen your pool by yourself or with the help of a professional commercial pool cleaner is the first step of opening your pool. Seeking help from a trained professional is always advised as they are more likely to spot any safety concerns and issues, such as electrical or gas problems and missing suction covers, than if you were to do it on your own.

Expert advice from one of Perth's leading commercial pool cleaners

f you plan on opening your pool by yourself, follow the next few simple steps in order to correctly undergo the pool opening process.
  1. Clean off any standing water on the pool cover
  2. Take off any winter-proof fittings and plugins, such as skimmers, and return all fittings
  3. Make sure your pool water is at the proper level
  4. Assemble and reinstall any equipment that was stored during winter
  5. Replace or lubricate O-Rings on pump lids, as well as the equipments plumbing connections
  6. Visually examine all pool equipment, including the filter, pump, heater, chlorinator, lights and automation system
  7. Make sure all drain voters are securely and properly installed
  8. Ensure your water heater is clear of any debris and combustibles
  9. Turn on all equipment and inspect for drips or leaks, if needed, tighten connections and replace O-Rings
  10. Clean the cartridges of your filters or add the proper amount of diatomaceous earth (DE) to your filter depending on the type of pool filter you own
  11. Power your pump for several hours, whilst regularly checking and adjusting the water chemistry until it is properly balanced
  12. Remove any heavy debris from your pool floor before running an automatic pool cleaner
  13. Examine the operating pressure on your filter and confirm that there is good water flow, as the pool may need to be backwashed or the pool cartridges to be cleaned
  14. Ensure your heater works properly by operating it
  15. Reinstall any accessories and ladders that were removed and stored in winter
Remember, if you encounter any problems during this process, a pool professional is just a call away.

For assistance on rebalancing the chemistry of your pool water after heavy rain, call your local pool professionals - Pool Assist.

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