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Rainwater negatively impacts the chemistry of your pool water

Rainwater is well known for its acidic properties that negatively impacts the chemistry of your pool water balance, affecting anything from the alkalinity levels to the pH balance. Acidic rain is due to the widespread presence of industrial gases that make sulfuric and nitric acid. Not only is rainwater directly falling into your pool a bad thing, but the additional source of water streaming from your deck or landscape can cause big problems. When rainwater and water run off enters your pool, your water’s pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), calcium hardness, alkalinity and other chemical balances are immediately altered. Acidic water in your pool can become corrosive, damaging the plaster and metal parts of your pool. But of course, the extent of issues you will experience depends entirely on how much rain you get. A light shower should not be a cause of concern.

Keeping your pool water chemistry right

To prevent damaging your pool, keep track of the alternations in your water chemistry levels by frequently testing your pool water during periods of heavy rain. Draining off excess water is also recommended. If rain is a persistent problem, pools with cartridge filters should think about installing an outlet valve after the pool pump, to pump water away and down to the proper skimmer level. For assistance on rebalancing the chemistry of your pool water after heavy rain, call your local pool professionals - Pool Assist. Because Pool Assist is a family owned Perth pool company - you will be able to speak to Paul the owner directly. Let him take care of your pool maintenance, so you can relax and enjoy a sparkling clean pool. Organise a free onsite quote – where I will personally visit your site. Contact Paul directly on 0412 839 152.
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