kreepy krauly getting stuck

When you think of automatic pool cleaners the most common one that springs to mind is the iconic cleaner that is known as a Kreepy Krauly. These phenomenons are great for any pool as it acts like a vacuum cleaner that moves around with no need for electricity nor manual effort. But that aimless moving can result in the question of “how to stop a Kreepy Krauly getting stuck” being asked thanks to its automatic feature relying on just one trick. 

Information on why this occurs as well as what you can do to stop this problem can be found in this guide from the experts at Pool Assist.

Why The Kreepy Krauly Gets Stuck

Kreepy Kraulys are an engineering creation that was designed to work with minimal moving parts, meaning its complexity can get the better of it. You might question that with such a simple-looking design there shouldn’t be many points of error, well you are almost right.

The most common reasons that a Kreepy Krauly gets stuck mostly boils down to a few factors:

  • If the Kreepy Krauly is floating than that means an air bubble has formed in its front end.
  • If your pool has many uneven spots along the bottom than this can affect the suction rate and might be the reasons the Kreepy Krauly has slowed down.
  • If your pool has ladders and your kreepy krauly does not have a ladder protection kit installed then it could be coiled around or unable to move from the ladder.
  • If the Kreepy Krauly is sticking to one side of the poot than this could be thanks to a non-relaxed (e.g coiled) hose or the length of the hose not being long enough.

Negative Effects Of A Kreepy Krauly Being Stuck

It is easy to tell that if a Kreepy Krauly isn’t moving than something isn’t good. Understanding the negative effects of your little pool butler not working will help motivate your search on how to stop your Kreepy Krauly getting stuck.

The main purpose of a Kreepy Krauly is to help circulate the water around the bottom, sides and surface of your pool so that your filter can do its thing. This is because your filter is mostly only able to pull from the surface so your Kreepy Krauly uses the pump baskets power to keep it moving. This means that if the cleaner cannot move or isn’t circulating well then the bottom and sides of your pool will not be cleaned. Dealing with this fast will get you back onto the track of a clean pool with no effort.

Tips To Stop Your Kreepy Krauly From Getting Stuck

Now comes the answer to the big question “how to stop a Kreepy Krauly getting stuck”. Luckily the steps to stop the pool cleaner from getting stuck can be very easy if done in moderation or if you are willing to make some upgrades.

Invest in some upgrades to your Kreepy Krauly. If it keeps stuck under your ladder then look up the Krauly’s manufacturer and see if they off a ladder guard kit. Stuck in a corner or near steps? Then a pool twister will be able to solve that problem as every now and then it forces your Kreepy Krauly in a different direction and the best part is that it’s universal.

If your Kreepy Krauly is often stuck at one side of your pool there are two potential fixes. If the hose is too short then buy another line and have it extended out enough to cover the pool. On the other hand, if it is constantly being coiled then relaxing it or changing how you keep it stored will fix that problem.

Is your Kreepy Krauly often floating on the surface of the pool? Then if you add small rocks to the front of it then it should keep its head down and stop it going up.

For fixing the slow movement then scraping off the plaster where it is uneven will do the trick.

If it is none of these then maybe it's time for an upgrade.

Look To What Professional Pool Cleaners Suggest

If all of this is becoming too complex and you are getting overwhelmed then there’s no need to worry. When this occurs you should consider talking to professionals for their advice and recommendations on how you should deal with the issue. At Pool Assist, the comprehensive services we provide mean that you won’t need to be spending hours of your day caring for your pool. We also offer more advanced types of pool cleaners that will handle all of these problems with ease. 

Make sure that your time at the pool is relaxing with pool accessories by visiting Pool Assist where we are ready for any task.