Solar Pool Heating Perth

The summer months mean perfect swimming conditions and allow you to escape the heat. But what about those not-so-hot days? If you want to get more use out of your pool year-round, pool heaters are the perfect way to keep the water at the right temperature for a comfortable swim. Solar pool heaters are a popular option for many domestic pools and today we’ll be looking at the benefits of solar pool heating.

Environmentally Friendly

The most obvious benefit of a solar pool heater is that it’s environmentally friendly. Solar power is a form of renewable energy and solar panels transfer heat from the sun straight to your pool. In Australia, we’re blessed with a lot of sunshine so why not take advantage of it and use it to keep your pool warm!

Save on energy costs

Owning a pool can definitely increase your energy costs and a lot of people worry that a pool heater will too much of a drain. However, solar heaters are highly energy efficient because you’re using the sun to heat the pool. Very soon, you’ll see a return on your investment. Solar heaters also have a long lifespan which makes it a smart investment.

Easy maintenance

If you’d prefer to carry out as little maintenance as possible, solar heaters are a great choice thanks to them being low maintenance. Unlike other types of heaters, they’re not as prone to becoming blocked and there are no motors or fans that you need to worry about. Your solar heater should last around 15 to 20 years. If later on you add-on to your pool or want to increase the speed that your pool heats up then you can very easily attach more panels along the line without interfering with existing solar panels.

Fascinatingly Effecting

Think pool solar heating is a complex process with many parts? Well, it isn’t. Solar pool heating is one of the most straightforward processes and is completely transparent with what it does to your water. Here are the basics, there are pipes that go along or are attached to the solar panels on your roof. By pumping your pool water up and along these pipes the collected heat inside the solar panels can slowly be transferred to the water passing through. When this pumped water eventually reaches the pool water the heat can be distributed. Very simple and another one of the benefits of solar pool heating.

Quiet Performance

One of the issues that people have with pool heaters is that they can hear them when they’re running. Solar heaters have a reputation for being quiet so you can enjoy the water without the sound effects. The collection of heat is done through sun rays not motors so there is no audible noise with your solar panel. Investing in a really quiet pump for your solar panel pool heater will create an almost ambient level of noise audio. Ask your pool technician which solar heater offers the quietest performance if this is something that appeals to you.

Visually Appealing And Great For Moving

Solar panels are cool, there’s no doubting that. Even if they might not fit the original architecture of your house they still have a positive effect on its appearance. The black panels have a sort of sophisticated look towards them giving the house a slight increase in quality. This is important if later down the line you plan to move as having solar pool heating will definitely increase the houses price. You add a very visually appealing house to the already long list of benefits of solar pool heating.

Hidden Out Of Sight

The best looking pools are the ones that are clean both inside and outside. Most pool heaters leave you stuck with a giant roller or giant machine that is an absolute eyesore, solar heating doesn’t do this. Most of what’s accomplished takes place underground or is at least hidden away out of sight. Remember the heating pipe mentioned before, that pipe can very easily be hidden away so you can keep a minimalist style to your pool. A clean design environmentally and physically is another one of the great benefits of solar pool heating.

How To Get The Most Performance While Saving Costs

After looking at all the great benefits of solar pool heating you might be interested in getting this well-respected filter for yourself, but you have to do it right. Solar heating is cheap to run and affordable to set up, but don’t go spending more money than you need. First, you need to get an understanding of the size of your pool and then ask someone who is professionally qualified, like our Pool Assist crew, about how many solar panels you will need to get a great swimming experience. Buying more panels than you need isn’t a good idea and isn’t recommended.

There are other methods to get more bang for your buck with your solar pool heating. Choosing a more efficient solar heater is going to save you money and wait time down the line. To see how effective it is you only need to look at its thermal performance rating. Looking for the best rating, aka the heating per square foot, will give you a good indication of how effectively it will run. The higher the number the faster and more efficiently it is going to run.

Get More Out Of Your Pool

When you invest in a solar pool heater, you’ll be getting a lot more enjoyment out of your pool. Rather than having your pool sit unused during the cooler months, your heater allows you to enjoy the water year-round. A heater is especially good for kids – they usually love to swim but also feel the cold quickly! 

The Pool Assist Team Are Here to Help

If you’re interested in investing in a solar pool heater, or any other type of heater, Pool Assist can help. Our team are the experts when it comes to pool heating Perth and can give you advice about the best product for your pool.

We carry only the leading brand pool heaters, sand filters and other pool supplies, so you can be confident that you’re getting high-quality equipment. 

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