What Type of Pool Service is Right for You?

If you are a swimming pool owner, you will understand the importance of having the details of a local pool servicing company on hand. How often you use your pool, and the time you have available will determine which type of pool service is right for you. There is a range of different options available, and the following tips will help you to decide what you need:

Regular Pool Cleaning

There is a good reason why in the movies the rich and famous always have a “pool boy”. Cleaning a pool can be time-consuming and physically exerting, and certainly not glamorous. If you want to enjoy crystal clear water without committing to the effort, hiring a pool cleaning service could be the answer. When hiring an experienced pool cleaner, you have the option of a regular service or a once-off.
There are often packages available and you can choose something which suits both your needs and your budget. A pool cleaning service may include checking and vacuuming the water, cleaning any tiles, backwashing, and maintaining the pool cover.

All those little things will be taken care of, and you can focus on what is important…swimming!

Services and Repairs

If you can manage keeping your pool clean and your water levels at optimum condition, you can bypass the regular services. However, there may be times when you require a technician to make sure your equipment is running correctly. Leaks, broken pumps and filtration systems not functioning as they should.

Leaks, broken pumps and filtration systems not functioning as they should hinder your entire pool and a qualified professional may be called in to resolve the problem. It is recommended you don’t wait until something goes wrong, but have semi-regular services to maintain any equipment.

In addition, there may be times when you would like to upgrade your swimming pool or even add a spa to your outdoor area. If this is a case, a pool expert can give you a quote before performing the job.

Pool Inspections

When you move into a new home that comes with a swimming pool, you need to be aware of any laws regarding safety. A pool safety inspector can check your pool to make sure it meets the standards in your state.

If approved, you will be given a pool safety certificate to confirm your obligations are being met. If your swimming pool is not meeting the safety requirements, the inspector will instruct you of what needs to be fixed and the timeframe you have to complete it. This safety check comes at an affordable price, and the main focus will often be on the fencing and gate.

Non-compliance may result in expensive fines and increase the risk of accidents occurring. It is not worth taking the risk, as the council may perform random checks and it is in your best interest to have a safe swimming environment.

If you are responsible and give your pool the attention it needs, you will experience many years of summertime fun!

Remember, a swimming pool is a worthwhile investment, but it is something that will require at least some maintenance.