How Does a Naked Freshwater Pool Work Without Chlorine?

A freshwater pool, sometimes referred to as freshwater Naked Pools, are an alternative to standard chlorine or salt water pools. These types of pools contain very low levels of chemicals such as chlorine, as well as very low levels of salt. This means they are gentler on the skin, as well as being gentler on the environment. A freshwater pool will give you the closest experience to swimming in natural pools as possible.

How a Fresh Water Pool System Works

A fresh water pool system incorporates the use of the silver and copper ionization process. This process releases small amounts of copper ions into pools. Silver has been shown to kill bacteria efficiently and effectively, while copper has been used extensively as a storage vessel for water to prevent algae growth. The other component is oxidisation, which produces very small amounts of chlorine into the pool. At Pool Assist, we stock the marvellous NKD-R Fresh Water system, which works to accurately release the correct volume of ions, as well as chlorine, in order to keep your freshwater pool functioning optimally.

Why Install Freshwater Naked Pools

There are a number of advantages to installing a freshwater pool. As mentioned previously, fresh water pools are gentler on your skin and better for the environment. They also have a far lower running cost, as silver and copper ions are not affected by temperature and UV, hence you don’t need to use nearly as many chemicals. When you get out of the pool, you feel as though you have just come out of the shower. No sticky feeling, just pure refreshment.

Reach out to the team at Pool Assist today if you are interested in installing a fresh water pool system, and find out how we can help.