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Pool automation systems are becoming more and more popular around Australia. Having a pool with automated equipment can be beneficial for a number of reasons. It can help to free up more time for yourself, help save and reduce energy consumption, keep your pool water in a healthier and safer condition and increase the time you spend enjoying your pool. There are different levels of pool automation, some of which automate all of your pool equipment, while some allow you to automate certain equipment of your choosing. Here, Pool Assist breaks down some pool automation systems, how they work and how they can be of use to you.

Comprehensive Pool Automation Systems 

A fully comprehensive smart automation system will automatically control all of your pool equipment, including the time it runs, the chemical balance of the water, the pool lights, the cleaning system and the water temperature. There are multiple pool automation products on the market, some of which allow you to convert your non-intelligent products to automated pool products, without having to change much of the equipment. Depending on the equipment you have, some automation can be achieved using a sensor, which monitors temperature, pH levels, energy use and output and even the weather. It then makes changes to your pool equipment without you having to think about it.

Automated pH Control

An automated pH control system will continuously monitor the pH levels in your pool. There are a number of different types of pH pool automation systems, with some of them providing more autonomy and control than others. There are products on the market that simply monitor your pH levels, so that you don’t have to test your pool water. These systems still require you to manually add chemicals to balance the pH levels. Some more advanced systems actually monitor the pH levels and adjust them accordingly; slowly and steadily adding the right chemicals to keep the water at the correct pH balance.

When to Manually Clean Your Pool

Although automated pool products and pool automation systems are helpful and can take away any stress or extra time needed to regularly clean your pool, it is still in your best interests to every now and again manually check and clean your pool and pool equipment. Pool automation products are generally reliable, however, even with all technology, it is capable of failure or mistakes. Keep on top of your pool hygiene and cleanliness by manually checking your pool once a week or so. Or hire a pool maintenance team to do so for you.

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