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"Thanks for fixing up my filter issue so promptly - one of your team came out again this morning and it was a quick and easy fix. Great service, thanks!”

Ben – Greenwood

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Hayward Pool Cleaner


Although some pool accessories are optional, having a reliable pool cleaner is essential to the health and aesthetic appeal of your pool. When choosing your pool cleaner, a high-quality product is essential so you can be confident that your cleaner will run efficiently. Pool Assist carry only the leading brands when it comes to pool cleaners and one of most popular ranges are Hayward pool cleaners. Once you’ve decided on your Hayward pool cleaner, we can assist with the installation process and ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Reliable and efficient pool cleaners

Pool Assist stock a number of Hayward products and this brand offers a range of pool cleaners which offer unique innovations to ensure your pool stays free from debris thanks to superior performance. Hayward cleaners are also energy efficient which means increased savings for you. Hayward have both robotic and suction pool cleaner options available for your pool, both of which have been designed to take the hard work out of pool maintenance.

  • Hayward robotic pool cleaner – With a Hayward robotic cleaner, you just plug it in and let it go. These cleaners work separately from the existing filtration system of the pool which means they don’t contribute to the buildup of debris in your filter. They suit pools of all different shapes and sizes and are highly efficient.
  • Hayward suction pool cleaner – Hayward suction cleaners connect conveniently to the skimmer box of your pool and use the water flow from your filtration system to suck up dirt and debris. Suction cleaners are a reliable and cost-effective option when it comes to pool maintenance.

To learn more about the range of products offered by Hayward, speak with the team at Pool Assist today.

Professional servicing for your Hayward pool cleaner

Once your Hayward pool cleaner has been installed, you want to be confident it will last for many years while also retaining its efficiency. Pool Assist can help with the maintenance of your pool cleaner with regular mobile servicing. If you’re having issues with your pool cleaner, often all it takes are some simple repairs for it to be back up and running and the commercially certified technicians at Pool Assist can come to you to address any problems you may be having. Let us help ensure that your pool equipment lasts for as long as possible so you get the best return on your investment.

Pool Assist are a proudly family operated business and the satisfaction of our customers is our priority. We have extensive experience with both commercial and domestic pools and we conduct assessment and obligation free quotes to help you decide which pool equipment and accessories are right for your needs. Our technicians also carry out mobile maintenance and repairs on pools throughout the inner suburbs of Perth.

For more information about Hayward pool cleaners, speak to the team at Pool Assist today.