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Swimming Pool Service

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There will come a time during your life as a swimming pool owner where a piece of equipment will be in need of repair or will generally just stop working altogether and will need a replacement.

Your swimming pool service contractor has the job of inspecting all of your swimming pool equipment during a visit, and should let you know whenever something needs to be replaced or repaired.

However, a lot can happen between swimming pool service visits, so you need to be aware of what is considered a ‘normal’ pool noise, and what is not.

Listed below are three items to check off your to do list every once in a while to ensure your pool is being well taken care off between swimming pool service visits.

  • If your swimming pool pump is running ‘hot’ or has become a lot more noisy than it was before, immediately shut it off and call a pool professional.
  • If you have noticed sand in your swimming pool, and you do not live in an area where sand often makes its way to the floor of your pool, contact a pool professional.
  • If you notice puddles of water contact a pool professional to determine and address any issues around leaks in the pools plumbing.

Although your swimming pool is being taken care of and maintained regularly, it is always best to ensure that these issues are addressed quickly when and if they do arise.