Technician fixing swimming pool water pump. Service and maintenance for swimming pool.

Pool owners frequently find themselves in the position of needing to pay constant attention to their pool water and equipment. Quite often it is due to an issue with their pool pump. Pool pump troubleshooting and understanding what to do in order to prevent your pool pump not pulling water and having a poor flow, will go a long way in extending the lifetime of your equipment and saving you time and money in the long run. Here, Pool Assist outlines the most common pool pump issues and how to handle them.

1. Debris Stuck in The Pump

Text: When you are pool pump troubleshooting, the first thing to look for is the level of water in the pool and skimmer box.  Ensure the pool water level is at least half-way up the skimmer box. It sounds simple but is easily overlooked!

Next look for any debris that may be blocking the flow. For example, the skimmer basket might be full of leaves of there may be an obstruction (a stick or toy!) in the pool cleaner hose if you have a suction cleaner, or in the pump itself. Any of these issues can have a major effect on the flow-rate and therefore the efficiency of the pump. This can be easily avoided by simply cleaning your pool regularly and keeping an eye on debris and rubbish build up on the surface. Something as seemingly insignificant as a leaf getting stuck can affect your pump and cause you to have no flow on pool pump.

2. Air Ingress Due to Damaged or Cracked Equipment

Text: One of the main reasons for a pool pump not pulling water effectively, or there being no flow on pool pump, can be due to air being able to get into the system.  This can be due to an o-ring being damaged or split, or a crack in the hose or pump itself. If there are cracks on the hose, or on the pump itself, it will have a huge effect on the pumps’ ability to pull water in and pump new water back out. This can be avoided by simply regularly checking your equipment and fixing it when there are even small issues.

3. Damaged Components

Text: If your pump is not operating as it used to, making extremely loud noises or not even starting up, there could be a serious issue with one or more of its components. This could range from a capacitor needing replacing, the bearings or mechanical seal having faulted, the shaft being misaligned, or even the wirings having shorted. These are all serious issues.  Please have a trusted professional examine the pump.  

CTA: For serious repairs, or to learn more about preventing pool pump issues, contact the experts at Pool Assist today.