Swimming pool cleaning equipment. Service and maintenance of the pool.

Installing a pool in your backyard can be an exciting process and something that adds both entertainment value and monetary value to your home. However, there are multiple things that one needs to consider when putting a pool in. Swimming pool accessories - How you are going to maintain your pool, how would you like the water to feel, what style of sanitising system to install to ensure it is, as well as what type of heating, pumps and lighting it might require, are all important things to think about. At Pool Assist, we are experts in all things pool related and know exactly what you will need for your specific pool. Here, we will break down the most important stuff for pools and why you need each item.

 Important Swimming Pool Accessories

As a new pool owner, you need to know what the most important pool stuff you require in order to keep a clean and safe pool. Without the right stuff for pools and the right equipment, you can expose your pool equipment, as well as your body to damage and harm. Before stocking your pool, one of the most important things to consider is your sanitation system. Quality pool systems automatically control the levels of chlorine and pH, so that you don’t have to manually add the chemicals yourself. Another vital thing to think about is what type of pool pump to install – for example will it be a single speed or variable speed?

Other Pool Stuff to Consider

As well as functional components and equipment, there are other aspects that one needs to consider when installing a pool. Do you want lighting installed? If so, where and how are you going to install and operate it? Do you want a heating system incorporated? If you do, you need to consider when you will need to use this, depending on the climate you live in, how much energy this will use and how strong you want your heating system to be.

Pool Assist’s Pool Technicians

As Pool Assist, we offer a comprehensive service in which we come to your home and provide full pool maintenance. As a new pool owner, it is a good idea to have a professional come and do this, at least at the start, so that you don’t miss any important aspects of pool maintenance.

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