Robotic pool cleaners make the lives of pool owners so easy. With their inventive technology, they require very little maintenance and work, and will do most of your pool cleaning for you. This not only gives your pool the tender love and care it deserves but gives you more opportunity to be in the pool! 

Choosing the best robotic cleaner for your pool may seem like a big task, considering how many brands and options are on the market, and while most robotic cleaners do a similar job, they do not all have the same features, and are not compatible with every pool. So, with these tips, you should hopefully have a more focused outlook on the decision and be able find a robotic cleaner that suits your individual needs.

Know your pool surface

Whether you have a fibreglass pool, concrete or tiles, the surface of your pool needs to be considered before you decide on a robotic pool cleaner. Most cleaners can handle any pool surface, but some have additional qualities that make them perfect for certain surfaces. For example, if you have tiles try a robotic pool cleaner that has a super grip brush, as this will help you get the most out of the cleaner and leave your pool debris- and dirt-free.

Know your pool size

When choosing the best robotic pool cleaner for your pool, you need to consider the amount of space the cleaner will be cleaning. Pools ranges in size, so if you have a small plunge pool then you may not require the robotic cleaner than someone with a large family pool does. Robotic cleaners need to have sufficient cable to reach every corner of your pool from the power supply, and the power supply needs to be at least a few metres from the pool’s edge for the safety of everyone, so this must be factored in when considering which cleaner to purchase. It’s always better to have an extended cable than an insufficient one, keep this mind when shopping for robotic cleaners.

Know what you want to clean

Some robotic cleaners only complete one job, and while you may only want the floor of your pool to be vacuumed, in reality the walls and steps need care as well. Consider a cleaner that does as many of the jobs as you need it to and has as many of the features that you require to maintain a healthy pool. There is no need to purchase multiple products, just find a model that fits your particular cleaning requirements and focus on those areas.

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