Pool pumps are the heart of a swimming pool and act as the main circulation system. Pulling water into the pool through the skimmer and pushing it through the filter, the chlorinator or automatic sanitation system before the pump then deposits the water to the pool through the main returns. Consisting of three main components, the pool pump includes a motor, impeller, and basket. Being as important as it is, protecting your pool pump and keeping it in good shape is essential to having a healthy pool with good water quality.

To maintain the condition of your pool pump follows these simple steps:

Keep the pump cool

Keeping your pool pump cool will increase its longevity and help avoid malfunctions down the track. To provide the pump with proper air circulation, always place the pump away from plants, mulch, and enclosed spaces, and as a pool pump is always hot to touch when running, it’s important to avoid putting the pump in direct sunlight to help minimise overheating.

There are plenty of shelters designed to box away pool pumps for a tidier appearance and provide protection from the elements without compromising on airflow. Choose a material that is rust proof, and one with a lockable hatch so it cannot be opened by children and pets.

Protect from water

If your pool pump becomes submerged in water, it can cause irreversible damage. To reduce the risk, keep your pump raised and up off the ground, especially if you live in an area that is subject to heavy rainfall or floodwaters. Keeping your pool pump dry is crucial to its efficiency and will save you money in the long run.

Keep the basket clean

Keeping your pool pump basket clean and clear of debris is critical. build-up of debris in the basket will impede the flow of water through the pump and potentially get caught in the impeller.  This might result in permanent and expensive damage to the pump.

The function of a pool relies on many elements working together, and a pool pump is a vital piece of the puzzle. To learn more about pool pumps, contact Perth Pool Professionals, or browse our range.