It’s important to have pride in your pool and take care of it when it’s not in use, especially during the colder seasons when you may not be jumping in for a quick swim as often. There are many steps to take to keep your pool in great shape, and one of them is investing in a good quality pool cover. With so many benefits, a pool cover is an important addition to your pool supplies to help ensure the health of your pool and comfort to swimmers.

Keep your pool clean

Pool covers are a simple and effective way of keeping debris and bugs from falling into your pool, as the unwanted items land on the surface of the cover rather than floating around in the water. The debris is easier to clean off when it remains dry and can be swept away with a broom or leaf blower, making your clean-up duties far less complicated.

The less debris there is in the pool water, the more natural the water can stay and your need for chlorine can be reduced. Pool covers also aid in preventing flow blockages in the pump and filter. Without debris building up in the water, there is little chance of leaves and branches getting stuck in the systems and creating equipment failures or affecting the water quality.

Reduced evaporation

Evaporation can cause a serious amount of water loss, but with the help of a pool cover you can retain the water within your pool and save money and time on refilling. If the level of water in your pool falls below the height of the skimmer box, the pump will begin to suck in air and becoming very easily damaged, which is an additional cost that you will have to pay for, in addition to your water bill. Pool covers can also help keep your pool warm and regulate temperature, and if you have a heated pool, they can help save energy, which is great for your pocket and the environment.

Less chlorine consumption

Chlorine is the most common water sanitiser but with regular UV exposure, it can degrade. Having a pool cover will help reduce the amount of UV rays that hit your pool and reduce the amount of chlorine you need to use.

Pool covers are kind to your pool water and your bank account. The one-time purchase offers a range of benefits and can help keep your pool in swim-worthy condition all year round. To learn more about pool covers, explore Perth Pool Professional’s range or give us as call to chat about your pool needs.