Is your pool area looking a little outdated? Then it’s time to revamp the surroundings and create an oasis you will never want to leave! Winter is a perfect time to transform your pool area, so you are ready to enjoy the water and atmosphere when spring and summer rolls around. Follow these simple tips.

Add Accessories

If your pool area is lacking style and personality adding in some accessories can help create an interesting space. By adding a water feature, pot plants, and even some artwork or sculptures you can create a visually appealing area that everyone will love to be in. For most people, the pool is the centrepiece of their backyard, so dressing it up with colours and materials that match your house will help tie your whole aesthetic together.

Add Seating

In addition to being a place to swim, pools are the perfect place to unwind with family and friends, enjoy some drinks together or sit down for a casual meal. By adding appropriate seating, you will find yourself enjoying the outdoors much more. From a lounge for reclining on after a dip, to outdoor dining settings, stools and chairs, add the seating that best suits your needs and how you want to experience your pool area. Not only is seating functional, it also adds character and can bring together the whole outdoor zone.

Add Lighting

Illuminating your pool area is essential for safety, but you can also play around with different types of lighting to create atmosphere. Permanent lighting fixtures cement a look for your pool all year round but if you want to add some personality, consider lanterns and candles or even fairy lights. Temporary lighting gives you the opportunity to set the mood how you want, and you can easily take them down when they are not required.

Add Heating

While we know that swimming is typically a warm weather activity, it doesn’t mean you can’t relax by the pool during the cooler months. Portable heaters, firepits and fireplaces can add interest to the space and keep you coming back even when the sun goes down. And if you have a heated pool, there is nothing to say you can’t enjoy the water at the same time!

You don’t have to rely solely on swimming to make the most of your pool area. Find what works best for you out of our suggestions and add them to your surrounds. We guarantee you will love the oasis you have created!  For more advice on how to create a truly great swimming pool experience, get in touch with Perth Pool Professionals today.