Like all pool equipment, cleaning your cartridge filter is important to keeping it in working order. To ensure the durability and longevity of your cartridge filter we have compiled a list of steps to follow to ensure you clean it correctly.

Step One

Before you open your cartridge filter you need to first turn off the pool pump. This is done to ensure that the motor will not accidentally turn on while you are working on it. Next you need to open the air relief valve, which will break the vacuum in the plumbing and drain the water from the filter.  

Step Two

You then need to remove the filter’s tank lid. Each cartridge filter has their own system of keeping the lid in place, with either a locknut, a band clamp or a locking knob. If you are unsure which one your filter uses, refer to the owner’s manual. Next, place the lid aside on a clean surface.

Step Three

Hose down your cartridge filter with a hose or a chemical soak for a deeper clean. If using a high-pressure hose start by sprinkling it down from the top to bottom, and slowly turn it around to ensure you get the entire filter. Before placing it back into the pump, check for any broken bands. If any are broken, it is time to consider a replacement filter.

Step Four

You then need to place the cartridge filter back into the pool pump and reinstall the lid that you set aside. Reassemble the pump to how it was before and ensure that all parts are in their correct position. It’s important to ensure that the filter’s air relief valve is still open.

Step Five

Once the pump is together, turn it on to start the priming process to check for any pressure leaks. It’s a good idea to help prime the pool pump by filling the basket with water before turning it on. You should hear the air relief valve hissing as air is flushing from the system. When your air relief valve sprays water, close it and then the cleaning process is complete.

Seek Professional Advice if Required

If at any point during the cleaning process you are unsure or think you are handling the cartridge filter wrong, we always suggest referring to the owner’s manual or enlisting the advice of an expert. Our team at Perth Pool Professionals are more than happy to assist you, so please reach out to us today to discuss your pool equipment needs.