When it comes to keeping your pool clean and healthy, robotic pool cleaners make life a whole lot easier. They use advanced technology to perform their duties and their powerful electric motor creates suction to remove dirt and debris from the water. If you’re in the market for a new pool cleaner, Zodiac pool cleaners lead the market when it comes to intelligence and energy efficiency. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the benefits of Zodiac robotic pool cleaners.

1. They keep your pool healthy

Zodiac pool cleaners offer a superior clean which means that your pool water remains healthy and clear. A build-up of debris in the pool can lead to unbalanced pool water and unhealthy swimming conditions. With your robot pool cleaner, you have an easy way of keeping your water in perfect health for optimal swimming conditions.

2. They save you money

One of the main features that sets robotic pool cleaners apart are their energy efficiency which can save you serious money on your power bill. Many of the Zodiac models only use 150 watts of energy, which is less than a standard LCD TV. This means that you’re getting a superior clean without the high power bill. Zodiac pool cleaners also save you money on chemical costs as your robot’s ability to keep the pool clean means that the pH remains stable.

3. They’re efficient

Robotic pool cleaners use advanced computer technology to offer a superior clean compared to other pool cleaners. Zodiac pool cleaners are the most energy-efficient robots on the market and also offer superior cleaning coverage. Zodiac pool cleaners use premium brushes and an extra-wide suction mouth to ensure that all kinds of debris are collected during a cleaning cycle. They are also easily operated through the electronic control box so you can select the cleaning cycle you prefer

4. They’re simple and easy to use

Zodiac pool cleaners couldn’t be easier to operate – simply lower them into the water and turn them on. Zodiac robotic cleaners have built-in intelligence which means that they don’t get stuck in corners or on steps. This means that you can let them get to work without having to worry about any missed spots. They also come with a swivel cable to prevent tangling and the easy lift handle makes them simple to remove from the water when they’re finished. Pool Assist carries a range of leading brand robotic pool cleaners, including Zodiac, which features cutting edge technology. If you’re not sure which robot is right for you, simply asked our experienced team and we can point you in the right direction. We also offer pool servicing and maintenance to ensure that your pool robot is operating at its best.

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