Pool Filter
Your pool filter is an essential piece of equipment and helps keep your pool free from dirt and debris. Proper maintenance is essential and if you have a sand filter, you need to backwash on a regular basis to keep your filter running properly. If you tend to be a little neglectful when it comes to backwashing, we’re here to give you the lowdown on backwashing and why it’s so important! 

What is backwashing?

Your pool filter works hard to trap all the dirt and debris from your pool and all that build-up has to be cleaned out regularly. With a cartridge filter, you remove the cartridge and clean it manually. However, with sand filters the backwashing process reverses the flow of water to flush out debris.

Why do I need to backwash?

If you don’t clear out your sand filter regularly through backwashing, it means your filter can’t work as efficiently and eventually debris will make its way back into your pool. Backwashing keeps your pool equipment healthy and your pool clean and safe.

How frequently do I need to backwash?

This is the most common question we’re asked when it comes to backwashing. The frequency of backwashing depends on a number of factors including the frequency of use of the pool and how much debris your pool gets in it. You can expect that you need to backwash your sand filter at least monthly, although this may increase during the summer months.

Are there signs that my pool needs backwashing?

Some signs that you pool needs backwashing include increased water pressure which shows that the filter is under strain, restricted water flow due to a backlog of contaminants and debris, and cloudy water which indicates that excess debris is making its way back into the water. If it’s been a while between backwashes and you’re noticing any of these issues, backwashing may be in order.

How long do I need to backwash for?

It’s important that you backwash for long enough to get rid of all that built-up dirt so make sure you backwash for a good minute or two. You also need to make sure that the dirty water from backwashing is rinsed to avoid damage to the filter so remember to rinse for 10 to 15 seconds. At Pool Assist, we carry a range of swimming pool filters and only carry the leading brands to ensure that our customers receive quality products. Our expert technicians also provide professional servicing and repairs so you can be confident that your pool filter and other equipment run smoothly year-round. For any issues with your pool, give us a call! For pool filters and pool filter parts, contact Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62.