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There are so many swimming pool accessories on the market today that it can at times be overwhelming trying to navigate through multiple Google searches, in the effort to identify which ones are best suitable to your needs. To make things easier for you, we’ve broken down some of the most popular accessories into several categories that are simply must-haves:

Rescue Equipment

There are many essential swimming pool safety accessories that you should have within the swimming pool area, such as:
  • A first aid kit: to help you easily and efficiently respond to any emergency before seeking proper medical attention.
  • Life jackets: for those who are learning how to swim to remain floating on the water surface when they become helpless.
  • Spine board: to carry swimmers with injuries of the pool.
  • Life hook: a quick way of rescuing people from drowning by pulling them off the pool.
There are many other swimming pool safety accessories you should look at purchasing. These include safety rings, rope floats, rope dividers, rescue tube, and rescue cans.

Alarms and Lighting

Swimming pool alarms are an important security feature, rendering it nearly impossible for any intruder to access the swimming pool area. These alarms can be installed in strategic locations such as the pool deck, entrance, windows, and doors. Swimming pool lights, mainly LED systems that are energy-efficient, will not only work as a safety measure but also double up as an aesthetically pleasing decoration.

Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning is an important process in ensuring the pool maintains the required standards of hygiene and reduce the risk of infections due to a build-up of algae or bacteria. Common cleaning accessories include:
  • Chemical floater: an accessory that floats on the water surface, slowly releasing chemicals.
  • Swimming pool broom: for the easy removal of algae and leaves in water.
  • Pool vacuum cleaner: This helps reach algae or some stains are hard to remove manually.
  • Filter cartridge cleaner: for the easy maintenance of pool hygiene.

Maintenance Accessories

Maintenance accessories, such as a maintenance kit can be extremely handy to have around, as they come well-equipped with all the accessories you need when opening bolts, cutting pipes, testing PH, or unblocking pipes. Another important maintenance accessory is the electric swimming pool drain pump, which is important when draining pool water. A pump removes any solid contaminants that might be in the water, emptying them into a skimmer basket or filter sump, and it keeps the water fresh by circulating it in and out of the pool. A filter is attached to a pool pump and it should run between 4 and 8 hours every day unless the pool is closed off during the winter months.

Entertainment Accessories

These are vital, in a way, particularly if you have children looking to enjoy their time in the family pool. There are many high-quality accessories on the market that vary in design and brand that can be great ways for kids to have fun, including:
  • Inflatable boats/rafts: which come in all shapes and sizes and can carry anything between 3 and 10 people, and enable kids to use their imaginations, as though they are in a lake of the sea. Some inflatable boats and rafts come with handles and chairs.
  • Pool toys: there are so many inflatable pool toys to choose from, including beach balls, water slides, baby floaters, beach toys, pool noodles, water guns (known as blasters or soakers), diving toys, and snorkeling apparatus.

Swimming Pool Steps and Ladders

Jumping into and out of the swimming pool can be very dangerous. Therefore, you need to make sure that you purchase a step or a ladder that is strong and corrosion-free, to make it easier for children to access the swimming pool. Some swimming pool ladders are made from strong materials, such as stainless steel or resin

Accessories for Everyday Pool Operations

A swimming pool is a huge system assembled from so many different components. Depending on the design and purpose of your pool, you may need to look at buying some of these accessories listed below:
  • Swimming pool heater
  • Filters such as rapid or high rate sand filter
  • Pumps
  • Recessed automatic skimmers
  • Flowmeters
  • Floor inlet fittings
  • Drain covers
  • Brominators
  • Gas chlorinators
  • Chemical feeders, generators, and controllers

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Swimming pool accessories