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Keep your pool efficient, clean, and safe with regular pool maintenance service.

Ensuring a clean swimming pool environment is the goal of the professional pool service team at Pool Assist. Pool Assist likes to ensure all their customers are educated how they can ensure their pool keeps running like clockwork with the minimum of parts and equipment breakdowns, and pool servicing call-outs.

Knowing your pool 'inside and out' is the essential first step in keeping pool service needs to a minimum

So here is an overview of the important elements that go together to make up your swimming pool.

A Pool’s Filtration System

The filtration system of every pool has many different parts, In properly maintaining your pool, these parts will last longer and be less prone to breaking down. Listed below are the key terms every pool owner should know when it comes to the filtration system of your pool.

Swimming Pool Skimmer:

Skimmers draw water in the same way that the main drains do, however, they only suck from the top of the pool water. Hence, multiple skimmer drains are generally found around the top of the pool.

Swimming Pool Vacuum Port:

These are the ports that attach to pool vacuum cleaners, which operate like an ordinary vacuum cleaner would, with the exception of the pool vacuum cleaner sucking water out rather than air.

Swimming Pool Main Drains:

At the bottom of the pool, typically located at the lowest point, two or more main drains lies where the water flows to the filtering system.

Swimming Pool Pump and Motor:

The water pump is responsible for circulating the water, whereas the motor drives the impeller, which moves the water through various drains to the filter and back out to the water inlets. It is also know as the dry end of the filter pump.

Swimming Pool Filter:

The filter removes the particles present in the water through pumping water through a sponge like material.
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