A dirty or blocked filter will seriously affect your swimming pool cleaner. Sand will usually last around 5-6 years and should be changed; pool cartridge elements may last up to 4 years, sometimes a lot less depending on the history of backwashes and cleaning. All suction type pool cleaners (like Kreepy Krauly and Barracuda) may be affected by these issues.

Expert Swimming Pool Cleaner Tips & Advice

  • Try your swimming pool cleaner with the sand filter on "recirculate" or remove the cartridge element and see if this fixes the issue. If so we need to come and do a replacement or possibly undertake an acid wash of the cartridge.
  • Is debris blocking the passage through the cleaner? If so, you may be able to remove the debris from the bottom of the cleaner using a finger.
  • Check or listen for a leaking or split vacuum hose and replace as necessary.
  • Are the leaf baskets clean? A split basket can cause debris to get caught in the pump reducing water flow.
  • Try Adjusting the speed control valve as too high a suction may make your cleaner hug the base or the pool walls.
  • Make sure the hose weight is in the correct position. The “skirt” of the cleaner should be sitting flat on the pool bottom.
  • Check your vacuum plate. Make sure it is sealing correctly around the outside and is not cracked.
  • If your cleaner does not go to the opposite end of the pool, try adding 1 or 2 extra lengths of hose. It should be 1-1.5 m longer than the furthest distance to the skimmer box.
  • Oils aint oils; similarly one cleaner does not fit all needs/pool configurations.

Call Pool Assist for an assessment for your best choice of replacement cleaner.

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