Pool Assist provide a range of pool services throughout the Perth metro area and surrounds. From pool maintenance and cleaning to pool pump and equipment repairs, our experienced technicians know what it takes to keep your pool or spa looking pristine and running perfectly. We pride ourselves on our meticulous care and excellent customer service – give us a call today!

Commercial and home pool maintenance

Let’s be honest – maintaining your pool yourself can be hard work. So why not sit back and let the professionals at Pool Assist take care of it for you! We provide a professional pool cleaning service, as well as pool maintenance, to ensure that your pool runs efficiently and safely. Although a sparkling clean pool makes it look inviting and ready for that swim, it’s not just for aesthetic reasons that you should have your water chemistry balanced, as well as the pool maintained and cleaned regularly. Scale, dirt, and debris can build up very quickly in your pool. This and incorrectly balanced pool water can impact on the effectiveness of all your equipment such as cleaners, filters and the pump. Not only does Pool Assist carry out mobile pool cleaning services, we also conduct regular maintenance for optimal pool performance. With our first-class pool cleaning and maintenance, you can just relax and enjoy your pool – we’ll do the rest! If you need pool cleaning and maintenance, speak to us today and we can organize a schedule that suits your needs.

Pool pump and equipment repairs

If your pool pump or other equipment isn’t operating as it should, Pool Assist can help. We carry parts for most popular brands to ensure that our repair work is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Rather than spending money on a full replacement if something goes wrong, give us a call and we can take a look. We understand that it can be expensive to buy new pool equipment which is why we have a focus on providing professional repairs to ensure the longevity of your equipment. Often all it takes is an expert eye, and perhaps a small part here or there, to have your pool equipment back up and running.

Friendly, reliable service

Here at Pool Assist, we provide high quality swimming pool service in the Perth metro area. We keep the hassle out of maintaining your pool thanks to our range of services for commercial and domestic pools and spas and provide mobile servicing for ultimate convenience. From smaller domestic pools all the way up to commercial pools, our certified technicians have experience working with pools and spas of all shapes and sizes so you can be confident that we have the necessary skill to deal with any issues that may arise. With Pool Assist, you’ll get the most out of your pool. If you’ve been on the lookout for pool service near you, contact Pool Assist today for more information or to organize a free onsite quote.
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