Pool Pump Repairs
Your pool pump is the hardest working piece of equipment in your pool. Without your pump doing its job, your pool would look uninviting very quickly – not to mention the health risks that come with the water not being appropriately circulated, filtered or sanitized. The importance that your pump plays in maintaining the health of the pool system means that any repairs need to be carried out quickly and efficiently. For pool pump repairs Perth, look no further than the professional team here at Pool Assist.

Why isn’t my pool pump working?

There could be a number of reasons why your pool pump isn’t working correctly. Some of the common issues we see at Pool Assist include an overload of the pump thanks to debris or blockages, electrical failure from water entry or condensation in the pump motor, and a lack of water flow due to blockages or poorly sealed basket lids. If you suspect that your pump isn’t performing as it should, give Pool Assist a call and we can assist before small issues turn into a bigger, more expensive problem. If you’re having issues with your pump, our qualified technicians will assess the problem and carry out any minor repairs as necessary. It’s often the case that the issue can be resolved after a few simple suggestions from our friendly technicians. If we believe that your particular pump may not be repairable, we only make that call after a detailed inspection of the pump at our workshop.

Choosing the right pool pump

When it comes to choosing a pool pump, many people make the mistake of going with a pump which doesn’t match the size and configuration of your pool and spa and its existing equipment. Without that correct pump for your pool, you can’t expect it to do its job properly. With that in mind, Pool Assist can provide advice along the way to ensure that you have the correct pump in place with the right level of flow so you can enjoy clear, clean water year-round. Pool Assist carries out repairs and maintenance throughout much of the Perth metro area and our mobile servicing makes things easy for our clients. From small domestic pools and spas to large multi-residential complexes, we have significant experience conducting repairs for a variety of pumps. Call us today for more information.

Professional repairs by certified technicians

Whether you’re looking for a pool pump motor replacement or require a quote for a repair, one of the commercially certified technicians here at Pool Assist can help. Our attention to detail means that we can identify the issue and provide a quick solution. We carry replacement parts for most major brands which make our mobile servicing as hassle-free as possible. When you arrange regular maintenance with Pool Assist, we can ensure that your pool pump is running optimally so you can enjoy a clean, sparkling, and healthy pool. Leave the hard work to us! If you need a swimming pool pump repair, speak with us at Pool Assist today and we can organize an on-site quote.
Pool pump repairs