pool cleaning service after heavy rainfall by Pool Assist Perth
In the winter months, it’s easy to forget all about your pool. After all, when it’s raining outside you’re hardly going to think about swimming. However, when the rain sets in it’s important to remember that it can have a significant impact on the chemistry of the water. As a professional pool cleaning service, we’ve seen the impact that heavy rain can have on swimming pool maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at what you should know about storms and your pool.

Why rain can impact your swimming pool

Although you may not think of rainwater as particularly harmful, it’s actually quite acidic and for this reason can impact the chemical balance of your pool water. It’s not only the rain itself that you need to worry about getting into the pool – it’s also the run off when the water hits the garden or decking and flows back into your pool, carrying with it all sorts of contaminants. This can impact anything from the alkalinity of the pool to the pH balance which can cause irritation to people using the pool and can damage pool equipment and surfaces. Remember not to panic after a light shower – it’s really only after heavy rain or stormy weather that you need to worry.

What should you do after heavy rainfall

To address the potential imbalances that the rain may cause, it’s important to test the water regularly during heavy rain periods to ensure that your pH remains between 7.2 and 7.6. This can be carried out with a home testing kit or you can take your water into your local pool shop. If bad weather has caused leaves and debris to land in your pool, clean this out as soon as possible as this can further impact on the balance of the water – you want to avoid that nasty algae growth. Next give your pool a good scrub and vacuum to collect dirt which has collected on the sides and bottom. In some cases, it may be appropriate to shock the water to help get rid of any contaminants which have made it into the water.

Why you shouldn’t drain your pool before a storm

Some people assume that a smart course of action is to drain the pool of water before heavy rain sets in to prevent overflowing and flooding. Although this may seem like a logical move, it’s actually a very bad idea. Remember that the weight of the water holds your pool in place due to the weight of the water. If you empty your pool, it becomes much lighter which means that it could potentially pop out of the ground – this is actually more prone to happening during rain storms due to the water table rising. However, it’s fine if you want to lower the level of your pool by a foot or two – no more than that! Remember that the water level should be halfway up the skimmer box so check the water level after the storm and fill it back up if you need to.

Why you should switch off all gas and electrical lines connected to your pool

A smart move in preparation for heavy rain is to turn off all electrical and gas lines connected to your pool. Why? Well, water and electricity don’t mix and it’s far safer to disconnect this equipment. If your electrical equipment is exposed to the elements, you should also cover them with plastic in an effort to protect them from the downpour. If you have a timer attached to your pool pump or other equipment, make sure you also switch that off so it doesn’t kick in during the storm.

Why you shouldn’t use a pool cover during a storm

If you use a pool cover during a light rain shower, this is totally fine and can help make the clean up a little easier as it protects the water from debris. However, if heavy rain or a large storm is on the way, it’s best not to use your pool covers. This is because falling debris can cause damage to your pool cover – it’s far cheaper to contend with some removing debris from the pool than it would be to replace an expensive pool cover.

Why you shouldn’t throw your pool furniture into the water before a storm

There are often viral pictures of large commercial pools full of sunbeds in the lead up to a storm. However, think twice before you start chucking your pool chairs in. Throwing things into your pool can cause damage to the sides and bottom of the pool which can lead to the need for expensive repairs. It’s best to bring your pool furniture into the shed or garage for protection during a storm. Of course, you can store your furniture in the pool if you wish but take care to gently lower it in to ensure your pool remains intact.

Pool cleaning Perth expert

If you’re worried that your pool equipment has been damaged following a storm or you’re struggling to balance the water, your local pool technician can help. Call them up and arrange a service – they’ll have your pool back to normal in no time. At Pool Assist, we’re ready to help if you’re having issues with your domestic or commercial pool. Whether you’re worried about the state of your pool following a storm or you just need general servicing, our team of experienced technicians will come to you. With over 100 years of experience collectively and a focus on ongoing training, our team will be able to provide you with a solution to any issue with your pool or spa. We have three convenient locations across the Perth metro area and offer mobile servicing to your home or business. If you need assistance from a pool cleaning service following a storm, contact Pool Assist today on 1300 62 82 62 for expert servicing and repairs.