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For many Australians struggling with the hot summer sun, getting a pool is the ultimate dream. Often it’s not usually until you get a pool that you realise how difficult maintenance and upkeep can be, and even then, it can be tough to know where you’re going wrong! How often do you need to clean a pool? In this article, we will detail a few of the best ways those pool owners can keep their pool as ready for summer as we are.

Maintaining a clean pool is no simple task! So, the question “how often should a pool be cleaned” has several variables, including the pool's size, what season we’re in, the type of pool, and how often you use it. It’s easy to see why some people believe the answer is every day, but if you don’t want to end up working that hard, it’s often a matter of working smarter, not harder, which is where our professionals come in. Proper pool cleaning requires a variety of tasks, both large and minor. Some tasks must be completed regularly, while others must be completed regularly, monthly, or seasonally.

Cleaning Your Pool: The Basics

It is important to keep your swimming pool clean. This is one of the most important strategies for maintaining your pool in between those colder months. Taking a few minutes to spot clean if you see a floating leaf or algae. This is usually the extent that many swimmers understand how to keep their pool clean. It can seem overwhelming to need to keep up with treatments and pool equipment as often as they would their car. This is where getting some professional advice and help can save you thousands in the long run. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you develop a maintenance schedule depending on the size of the pool, the amount of foliage surrounding it, and just when you should replace the pool filter, treat the pool water, and protect it from the elements.

Generally, your maintenance task should consist of the following:

·       checking the pH levels and water level on a weekly basis

·       adjusting the pool chemicals

·       measuring the free available chlorine levels

·       clearing dirt, debris, bugs and leaves on a daily basis to protect the filter

·       vacuuming the pool

·       applying a shock solution

·       clearing the pool pump

·       adding a maintenance dosage of algae preventative

·       sweeping the pool walls, and water line

·       using filter cleaner and degreaser to clean filters and remove build-up

·       dosing pool with flock and metal remover


Organise a Professional Service

Alternatively, if this all sounds a little overwhelming, you can organise a fortnightly service where we apply our know-how to specifically cater to your pool’s needs, which could ultimately save you thousands in the long run. You can also book our home pool maintenance services in before a big event if you need the pool to look clear and crisp or if you have tried to clean it yourself and ended up feeling like a mad scientist adding treatments to the pool turning the water greener and greener.

By regularly upkeeping pool maintenance rather than forgetting about it until summer rolls around and feeling completely overwhelmed, you can save yourself time, money, and energy. It’s okay if you feel like you can’t do it alone. Our expert pool cleaning service is here to stop your summer dream from turning into a nightmare. We also have a range of pool cleaners and replacement filter elements to keep your pool looking spick and span for longer.

For an affordable, high-quality professional consultation and service, contact our team on 1300 62 82 62, or send us a message today.


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