Pool Pump Repairs

Is Your Pool Pump Motor Not Working 100%?

Pool pump motors fail to operate effectively for a number of reasons; the most common being:

  1. Lack of water flow that prevents the pump from priming and may “cook” the bearings and they seize. Usually due to poorly sealed pump basket lids and broken or cracked pool cleaner hoses. Possibly too low a water level in the pool itself.
  2. Electrical failure, fusion due water entry or condensation in the pump motor.
  3. Overload of the pump by lack of flow due to debris in the skimmer, pump baskets, and impellor or blockages in the pool cleaner and or piping.
  4. Overload where the capacitor will “buzz” as it cannot start the pool pump motor.

The team at Pool Assist will suggest a number of actions to you at the time of enquiry following your description of the symptoms.

A clear estimate of the cost of repairs is usually possible prior to our attendance to assess or affect repairs.

Pool Pump Repairs Covered By Insurance

Pool Pump Repairs may be covered by Insurance provided in your contents policy if “fusion” is seen to be the cause of failure.

In this event we will prepare all the necessary information to claim and in forward it directly to your insurer.

Older or badly damaged pumps may not be a viable repair proposition; this can only be determined by disassembly and detailed inspection of the motor at our workshop.

Perth Pool Pump Repair Company With A History Of Experience

Pool Assist has, by 13 years of experience, determined a preferred make of pool pumps and motors; thus when replacement is required we supply only the most reliable equipment and components.

It is most important to match the power of your pool pump motor to the size and configuration of the pool, spa and solar systems.

We suggest you watch the video below to consider the enormous savings that may be gained from variable speed pumps.